Between funny and pissed

My sons and I went to watch Night at the Museum 2. I got the wrong idea that it is National Treasure and I was looking forward to see Nicholas Cage. We got to Gurney GSC and after we bought the tickets and popcorn, I only found out that I am not going to watch one of my favourite stars, Nicholas Cage. You see, they have this life size cardboard promo and someone had removed the head of Ben Stiller. Doh….

Anyway, the movie is awfully funny and it is better than the first one. However, there is a worrying trend I notice. Many of the young people just do not get the jokes. Al Capone and Napoleon are fighting and arguing and it was sooo funny but the row of people in front and at the back didn’t laugh. An asthmatic Darth Vader and Oscar the Grouch also cannot make them laugh. So, I seriously think our English standard has dropped to the bottomless pit and we are having a generation of people who only knows Mandarin or Bahasa Malaysia and not English.

Parents…do get your kids to watch more of The Simpsons and all those American sitcoms. Seriously…You don’t want your kids to be nerds who stick out like sorethumbs, do you? Don’t tell me they only appreciate slapstick comedies with pies in the faces kind of jokes?

Amy Adams looks exceptionally sweet in her role as Amelia Earhart and I love the pharaoh’s slang. And the Jonas Brothers as the cupids or cherubs are soooo funny as well.

And this song…..Sigh…makes me feel so old.

Now, the pissed part. What kind of people can subject all his siblings who tried to make ends meet to pool their hard earned money to pay for his loanshark loans? And what kind of piece of shit can drive a hundred over thousand ringgit Japanese car and yet, when the car is sold, he doesn’t even get a cent back? (because he was barely paying the car loan) Blardy fool!

Never mind…just laugh along with me at the jokes from Night at the Museum 2. *reminds self not to lose my moxy

9 thoughts on “Between funny and pissed

  1. You try calling Celcom customer care. They will ask you to press 1 for BM and 2 for English. You press 1, wait for the personnel to answer and speak in English. The idiot don’t understand English wor. Can you believe it!!! WTF!!!

    Then today, Hong Leong Bank called up and want to sell some insurance coverage. The guy can only speak in Mandarin wor. WTF!!! Where do they hire these MORONS!!!

    Itulah akibat tak belajar Ingeris di sekolah. What do you expect lah!!!

  2. Finally got time to come back here ler! Really good ah N.a.T.M 2? No wonder my kids been bugging me to take them…..
    Think it’s not that the younger generations English is bad, I think their scope of things are very limited nowadays, that’s why they don’t get “local” jokes(to the Americans or Westerners).
    So, I guess you must be the loudest in the cinema loh, your children didn’t shsss you ah? Which laugh type ah? Snorting or hyena type?

  3. Apa nama – the worst part is when you press 2 for English and the operator still speaks to you in BM. What a joke!

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