I just realised today is the last day of the official school holidays. Nice……

That means no more the below until the next school holidays in August :

1) Kids who sleep at weird hours, sometimes I don’t know if they have just woken up or they haven’t gone to sleep yet;

2) Kids who refused to go out because they have each other’s companies, leaving me guilty of going shopping or eating without them;

(Any Ingrish teacher here? I know I cannot have going and shopping side by side with the -ing there. So, the correct grammar is ‘go to shopping and eating’ or ‘going to shop and eat’. Which is correct ah?)

3) Odd hours mealtime which makes cooking difficult because I don’t know it is their lunch, breakfast or tea time;

4) Nickleodeon all day long;

(Talking about that, moms, please let your small kids, irrespective of races to watch some American cartoons. I know it is bad influence and bad culture to some of you, but seriously…it is kind of freaky when your kids are all grown up and they don’t get any jokes at all. Be cool a bit, can? Plus they can learn and speak English like eating kacang putih.)

5) Maggi mee goreng for my breakfast. Normally, when I have dropped my youngest boy at kindie, I have the whole world to myself and I get to choose which curry mee to eat, which dim sum to pick and etc. But with them at home, and no one wants to go out with me, I have to eat maggi goreng, maggi sup, maggi goreng tambah telor, maggi sup tambah telur….

*evil mother cannot wait to claim the house all to herself come Monday morning. Woohoo, no more saiko class, I can listen to Jackie Cheung from Monday to Friday and no one can says, “Ma…your music suxs. Turn it off!”*

All my naggers are going back to school.