Happy Endings

This is one of those things that make you so excited to share. I made the above video last night and hope everyone feel what I felt. It is about happy endings. Of how, you discover things that you least expect.

Some of you are familiar with ‘the girl with the orange dress’. I went through some disappointment, disillusions, frustrations, giving up hope and more but I didn’t blog about it because sometimes, you feel like a fool admitting that you are really a fool. I had gone as far as tugging on the coat’s tail of the DCM2 and I thought, “Oh my goodness, he is going to think that I am such a drama queen.” You see, Jimmy and I went looking for the girls with the appointed welfare officer from the Jabatan Kebajikan (after the DCM2 forwarded my request) and we couldn’t find them. Then, I heard all sorts of things from ‘reliable sources’ and I went home, feeling so sad that I cannot do anything for the girls.

But….last night, through a bbq dinner invitation from Erina and Lawrence of cookingisland.net, I discovered they were just placed at a children’s shelter home there. The eldest girl and one of her sister are so happy to be with the other children. The girl asked me to tell her mom that they are happy there. She reminded me over and over again and I suppose I should make a trip to the ‘beggars’ route’ to find the mom and tell her the good news.

Meanwhile, folks, the girls are going to school! Yay! The administrator of the shelter home was a headmaster and he will be able to register the girls for school. Now, I have promised to buy them their school uniforms and if possible, some undergarments as well. *looks with puppy eyes* I shall buy first and hope someone can help to chip in a few bucks later. The home is a privately run one, and they depend on the moral support and help from the public. There are 18 children from age 6 to 14 years old.

They need foodstuffs, clothes, school stuffs and lots of things, so if you are interested, do leave your email and I arrange with Erina on how we can do this together.

11 thoughts on “Happy Endings

  1. Hi Lilian,
    Cool! I would love to help them! I’m cleaning up my closet… should have some old baju n pants… some stationaries… in two days?

  2. I would like to help.. let me know how I can donate. I think money is the best since I am at KL and the girls/home is in Penang.

    Email me and let me know la..

  3. Lilian,

    i can help chip in…..will be back from 4th-6th july.hope to see you then.

  4. same here. let me know what you need cause i am involved with temple work. i can help to get things rolling from my end as we do make visits to orphanages and old folks home with the sunday school’s students.

  5. hi,
    i will like to help the home. but currently, i am not in malaysia. will be back when the summer holidays begins in july. may i have the home’s contact number, so that i can call up n ask for necessary information to get there. i can also ‘drag’ dear hubby along to make some donation. 🙂

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