The morning that was

Sorry folks, I didn’t manage to reply your comments in the previous post. Apparently, Streamyx is having some menopausal syndrome and acting up again. I had no internet access since last night. This morning, I thought if I bring my laptop to McD Greenlane, I will be able to get free coffee (refill), free aircond, free music and free cuci mata (ok, not the cuci mata cos they only have old retirees who aren’t very attractive anymore or young college guys who are younger than my sons).

So, after I dropped my kid in kindie (with a spring in my step, a leapt of joy in my heart and a big shout of hip, hip, hurray I can non-guiltily stuff my son for his teacher’s care for three hours at RM165 per month), I went to McDonald’s. Ordered a big breakfast with free coffee refill (not that I can drink more than a cup but it is a nice thought nevertheless) and searched for a power point because I intend to sit for three hours at McD.

There was this couple (not sure if legal or not though, cos your mind tend to suspect things when you see two person, whom are probably not married to each other talking in that one-kind way, *smacks self* for gossipping) who were sitting at one corner where three power points are. So, I was wondering if I should break up their (maybe illegal) rendezvous and ‘excuse me, but I need the power point, so if you don’t mind, can I squeeze in to the corner and plug it in?

But you see, before I can take out my laptop cable, which is rather long and messy, I need to clear some of the stuffs from my laptop bag. So, I took out my video camera lah, my handphone lah…my notebook and pen lah….

Can you imagine….two of you sitting there chatting so animatedly, looking into each other eyes, giggling and lost in your own world and suddenly, this auntie came by with a big backpack and started taking out video camera, cables and stuffs like that, standing next to your table….

So, yeah, I unintentionally broke up a couple chatting (maybe illicitly *hoi, stop making assumptions, it is sinful*) and they left. But only after, I noticed there is another corner with a power point and I sat there instead.

In the end, McD’s wifi also not working but I managed to edit two videos, finished my big breakfast, read a book, send some sms and spent almost 3 hours at McD.

Moral of the story : Streamyx sucks. Auntie with video camera who broke up your early morning rendezvous with (maybe) someone’s else wife sucks too.

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  1. *in case ppl wonder how I still managed to get a line when I said the streamyx at home is not working…..well I have my ways but I cannot spend too much time online, so I won’t be replying comments yet, busy, got many things to do first. But thanks for the offers, will get back to you guys later*

  2. Aiyah.. Maxis broadband also the same la. If it is not slow, it is always cranky.. if not, simply cannot log on. Sigh.. why la ALL internet service provider so lousy mousy in Malaysia!! WHY!? Government don’t want us to main internet so much issit! Cis!

  3. Got one time the McD staff act smart told me I can’t use the power point there because it’s for internal use only. I can’t imagine offering free Wifi yet restricting the customer to use the power point so I boh chap siao that fella and continue using.

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  4. hey lilian, im gona post sumthing which is out of topic..haf u seen the news post abt hindraf leader threatening our beloved CM LGE?! i mean wtf man!.. go n watch the vid!! I do think hes over emo…he can approach LGE in a proper way but wats up with the threats?!

  5. McD – Ya, I personally feel that the threat was a bit too much. It is a touchy issue with so many complicated things. Actually, I have just uploaded another video on the folks at the Kampung Buah Pala. Seriously….so many ADuns, MPs and even the DCM2 were there to try to sort out things, so there is no need for Uthaya to act like the issue is being neglected. BTW, there are many videos on the Kg Buah Pala issues filmed by Jimmy Leow and I on Malaysiakini.

  6. streamyx is really sucks… im trying to upload my video to the which i could probably win some cash but the line is damn slow until i failed to upload it after waiting since afternun… damn it!!

  7. Kudos to u for ur coverage on the village issue..but im just so farking surprised by dat hindraf ass..always must act rowdy..threat ppl here, threat ppl there…y cant he just approach nicely and talk things out the professional way…wat..he think he rajnikanth ar..its not abit too much…its way too much to threat a minister like that..perhaps to much of rajnikanth in his mind..

  8. McD – Too bad I wasn’t inform of the visit. I would lurveeeee to take a photo with the man himself. No matter what, I think he has guts and principles.

  9. No lah, not your props that made them terkejut! I think you must have given them the evil eye and mad auntie look! Can be very scary one leh.

  10. Hi Lilian, I stumbled across your blog a while back and found myself kept coming back for more. Really enjoyed reading your blog, keep up the good work!

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