First, thanks to all of you who offered to help the girls at the shelter home. To make things easy, I will buy what they urgently need first and then, if the money is not too much, I tanggung sendiri lah. After all, I am not so pokkai like I whine, ok?

Then, I will work out a list with Erina (since she can speaks fluent Tamil, aiyorr) on what we can supply to the home. And when we have a rough idea, I will see if everyone can contribute a bit to get those stuffs.

So, today I went to Tesco to buy some bras for teens. I was told to get a size 30. But hor, the bras at Tesco, though is for teens, as in -A cup, the size was 40/42/44. So, I stood there figuring out if they have a different kind of numbers for girls. Maklumlah, my bra also not size 40, ok? I pull, stretch, make into a circle, scratch head and wondered and wondered and wondered. Why the cup so small, the number so big?

Finally, one kind promoter came to my help. You see, I was looking through those cheap, unbranded ones so no promoters to help mah. She probably took pity on me because I was really puzzled.

I asked her, “This one 40 means what ah?”

She said, “40 lor….”

I replied, “But even I wear also not 40 worrrr. How can…..”

She explained, “Nowadays girls are very fat, so they need size 40.”

Doink…wtf? Really ah? The pau nochet rise properly, the size 40 liao.

I asked her, “Eh why no size 30 one? I am asked to buy size 30.”

She lagi make me pek chek, “Now all bras start with 32.”

Then, I rummaged through the girl’s panties section. And I discovered….they make panties from size S to 3XL. And the funny thing is the designs are all the same. So, I stood there, trying to find the most decent, non-Mickey perverted mouse who is not afraid of pu…. designs. And another promoter came by and said loudly, “We got many colours, all RM5 for three. You choose lah.” Tiu, lucky it was a working afternoon and there isn’t anyone around or else the whole Tesco males will imagine aunty wearing Mickey Mouse panties. Aiyerrrrr.

Mommies with girls, tell me where to find cheap bras? I cannot find any in Tesco. How lah? And what is tight shorts? They said it is like shorts which girls wear under their school uniforms. Cos I was informed that boys are now so perverted one cannot get down from staircase in a co-ed school without being kena peeped on. Aiyor, lucky I got no dotters or else I susah hati lor.