Come, watch this spooky video while it is still bright

This is actually a ‘let’s find something to shoot’ project because we got ffk-ed by the orange dress girl’s family. The day before I had gone to tell them to meet me at Kuan Yin temple’s grounds because the Fed. Gov. Welfare officer was going to see them and get them welfare help. This was arranged by the DCM2. But on that morning, they couldn’t be found and we heard a lot of stuffs we prefer not to know. The beggars’ network is a very informative news vine but half of them are half-truths. (ffk = fong fei kei, left in a lurch)

So, Jimmy and I decided to go to the grave of Sir Francis Light because I told him I had been there before and it is a very nice place to film. Therefore, these two dragons, people not afraid, ghost also not afraid kind trudged into the Protestant cemetery……

Like I said, it wasn’t a planned video filming session and I was crapping most of the time. The opening SU (stand upper, i.e. standing and talking) too was ‘Hey, Jimmy, come come, let me try to do a SU’. And I seriously do not expect him to make a documentary out of this. Yet….the documentary turns out rather good, huh? I love how I say ‘and you are filming me, right?’ in the same breath as my earlier sentence. You see, when I hold the video camera in hand, we were taught not to breath or move too hard/too fast. So, everything just sort of slide out of the mouth with minimal movement.

Now, I hope CM sees this video and go piak Danny Law (tourism exco) and Chow Kon Yeow’s (in charge of MPPP) heads for leaving the cemetery in such a sad state. Please, Mr. CM, get them to spruce up the thing because according to Penang Heritage Trust, they have made a complaint to MPPP as well. In our previous BN Government, they have this paranoia about their colonial masters but I think this is foolish. Let’s give Sir Francis Light a bit of respect, Mr. CM. His grave was neglected and so insignificant. It took me almost 30 minutes to locate it and I was actually giving up until I found it at the last minute.

P/S : My 13 yrs old son heard the music and asked me if ‘Lu ai ha lang lau sai ah?’ (you want to scare the shits out of people). He didn’t notice the earlier part of my SU and was excited when he said he saw a pink spirit floating there…Then, he got more interested….talking about Angels and Demons..thinking this is a serious ghost documentary until his ma appeared…LOL.

P/S 2 : After the visit to the cemetery, Jimmy and I headed to a Catholic church to meet up with a priest with regards to the appointment with the Bishop. (that’s why we were at the cemetery to kill time). So, whatever naughty spirits hovering around us also run away at the sight of the priest. LOL.

6 thoughts on “Come, watch this spooky video while it is still bright

  1. The conditions of the grave of the founder of Penang island sure is in a neglected state. What justice it is to the founder of Penang Island, who came all the way from his homeland to die and laid to rest in a foreign land and be forgotten just like that?

    Good idea to make the place as part of the heritage trail, both for historical and tourism purposes. Just need to sprouse up the place but keep the old and rustic feel. Good find, CJs!

  2. The thing is on a ‘heritage trail’. Ppl are going, ‘Is this the place? This can’t be it. Doesn’t look right.’. Bump into some blur-wtf looking ang moh tourist when you drive by.

  3. Son – Wait your ma and her CJ partner drag the people who are supposed to be in charge of tourism and maintenance of public areas there and let the mozzies sting them to death. I forget to mention hor, that day the mozzies never sting me at all but all zoom in on Jimmy Leow. Don’t know why also, maybe I was too stinky or my blood is toxic or Sir Francis Light was busy piak-ing the mozzies for me.

  4. I love your background music! Fits the setting and the message u r trying to get across…

  5. I always thought that statue at Museum is francis light..penang should be properly maintained what’s with all the different historical culture influence

    eve´s last blog post..Unions

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