Real men versus men who wear skirts

Actually, what our mother nagged to us when we were young really get imprinted in our brains, whether we like it or not. My mother is really a nice woman. Very, very accommodating and friendly. But I remember how she would bitched to my sisters about men who wear skirts. You see, I was a lot younger than my two older sisters. Eldest is 14 yrs older and second sis is 10 years older than me.

So, taking into consideration Erik Eriksson’s 8-stages of human development (sigh..Fr Huan must be proud of me for remembering the saiko klass lessons so well), I actually heard a lot of things that I shouldn’t have heard at my age.

But then, what to do…my mother was busy chatting away with my two older sisters, forgetting that I was too young to comprehend most of the things they were talking about. Like a sponge, I absorbed everything, whether I know what they are, or not.

Like I said, my mother was a very nice woman. So, she didn’t curse or rant like most women did. But one thing she couldn’t stand was men who wear skirts. Now, you may ask, “What are men who wear skirt? Trannies?” No…not as in cross-dressers. But those men who listen to their wives and then, join their wives to bitch. One word – Si peh cha bor heng or pondan betul.

So, my mother’s theory is real men do not get involve with women’s issues. Real men don’t want to meddle with women’s quarrels. Real men don’t get easily influenced by a female. Real men have principles of their own. Real men just don’t get their balls shrink easily. Like my mother said, “Boh hoot eh”.

And since I was a lot rebellious, I also cooked up more theories…

Real men are not afraid of going bald and won’t hide their baldy head with hairs combed from sides.

Real men don’t treat all women like they are the weaker (and useless) sex.

Real men are not afraid to cry.

Real men don’t act stupid by puffing up their small dicks (literally speaking, not necessary physically) with big egoes.

Real men don’t sulk.

Real men are rare.

Real men don’t read my blog and jumped to conclusions that I am bitching about them.

Real men don’t act emotional. Go get some andropause medicine, please! (andropause is the male menopause)

Real men are not afraid to tell me they like my guts. Booyeah!

Real men will leave comments on my blog. Eheh.

Cukup jantan?

18 thoughts on “Real men versus men who wear skirts

  1. Ehhh, so is this supplement to your 5xm-101(Advance Bitching) course? I guess must be 5xm-101-1(Advance Bitching:supplement for men)……Wah, now suddenly must take 2 courses…..our Minister says max. only 10 okay! Otherwise we become stupid…
    But I like your theories over your mom’s theories lah……yours fit more with the saying “In everyman success, there is a woman behind it” theory……

  2. Yea… and Real Man wears Pink… because they are man enough to show that Pink is masculine also…

  3. I like your guts! Hahaha!

    I’m loving this one – Real men are not afraid of going bald and won’t hide their baldy head with hairs combed from sides.

    I shudder everytime I see those balding apeks/men with little hair on the back/side combing their hair, furiously. Very disturbing image.

    I’m going to put it on my FB status for a while 😛

    bongkersz´s last blog post..One liners I loike…

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