Brother Paul Ho’s farewell

Here are the photos taken this morning at St. Xavier’s Institution. Brother Paul Ho, the retired headmaster was given the grand send off on a golden sedan, carried by two muscled men. Contrary to what I expect, the farewell was a joyous occasion with a lot of laughters. I thought farewells are full of tears…doh!

There were lots of ex-Xaverians, from all ages at the school as well. I didn’t capture videos because there were already two other cameramen. So, I just take a lot of photos with my DSLR. We also managed to get hold of Brother Paul before he ‘got thrown out of the school compound’ (my description to him) and our sifu interviewed him.

Thank you, Brother Paul for the many wonderful years you had given to our children. May the good Lord bless and protect you in your journey henceforth. Brother Paul is going back to teaching in the classroom (in Australia).

And no, I do not know who will be the new headmaster of St. Xavier. Brother Paul said it does not matter as long as the ex-La Sallians and current batch of students continue the tradition the the La Sallians – i.e. touch hearts, change lives.

2 thoughts on “Brother Paul Ho’s farewell

  1. Kah Pin, you were there?

    Thanks Lilian for the wonderful piccies. A 8MP camera is no match. It was joyful affair yes, but hereafter, reliving our days in SXI with the Brothers we’d still smile but poignancy will accompany them. Hmm… Who wouldn’t agree school days are the best time in life.

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