The Gurney Drive

The other morning, I made a video while waiting for friends to yum cha. It was a very hazy, bleak morning and the view of Gurney Drive made one really depressed. So, I thought, why not make a video out of it. I whipped out my tripod and shot the ugly sea.

Then, after I finished yum cha, two hours later, I was driving home but noticed the tide has gone down and the whole stretch of Gurney Drive is even uglier. Once again, I stopped my car and took out the tripod again. The parking boy wanted to write a ticket for me but I told him, “Tolong, jangan….3 minit saja…Saya mau video, sikit jam saja.”

By then, it was 11.30 am and terribly hot. The weather in Penang has gone crazy. Even if it rains, the weather is still very humid, hot and sweat inducing. I took the tripod, mounted the camera and started talking. I probably had drank too much Chinese tea with the dim sum, so I was a bit braver than usual.

There I was, in the deserted Gurney Drive, under the hot sun and I started talking. But it was too bright and I cannot see the LCD very well. But I kept babbling and babbling from different angles. About almost the same thing because it is not easy to talk to the camera, without a script and without a purpose.

I got home and edited the video. You may notice the things I said seemed disjointed. That’s because I said some things I shouldn’t have said, like rubbing shits on certain U party. I tend to get carried away babbling. I did some Google search for old news articles and found that it is Gerakan’s shit left over for Lim Guan Eng to clear.

Now, my next mission is to get my coursemate from SAM to help me get someone from Sahabat Alam Malaysia to give us further backings like what actually cause the destruction of Gurney Drive, if there is anything that can be done to make the place better and I will also stalk the current DAP Chow Kon Yeow to comment.

It is kind of sad, right? Those rich buggers spent millions of ringgit buying up the seafront condos and what they get is a stretch of mud….smelly stinky dirty mud. *actually, I am laffing my arse off at the prospect of spending millions like that and kena face mud instead of good fengshui*

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  1. yah seriously man! wtf happened to it?! the mud stretched on for miles and miles and mileeeeeeesss, and everyday (the days i went at least) seemed to be low-tide day!

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