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In case you guys are not sure what is Twitter, it is the latest, most canggih, kewlest, every Tom, Dick, Kit Siang must-haves technology. Twitter tells the world what you are doing by the seconds, by the minutes or by day. You just type short sentences into your Twitter account (or other platforms, I use TweetDeck, tks to Jed) and the whole world knows what you are up to. Friends or people you know read and they can respond. It is like blogging but only mere sentences. Geddit?

Then, you may ask…why the hell would anyone wants to know what you are up to? Well…I can’t answer that. I have quite a lot of followers (114 at last count) and I don’t have anything smart to Twit and neither do I do anything interesting enough to get people to read. But they still follow, I don’t know why.

So, I am going to write some stuffs to get them off my mind. Very much like Twittering but not exactly…

Saturday :
4:30 pm – Cat. class is back. Felt so sleepy and reluctant to go but I cannot, because I am the teacher, remember? Teachers don’t ponteng class, ok?

5:50 pm – Class ended and got into church. Novena over.

6:00 pm – Panic cos I didn’t notice the print out of the slides were in the folder. Organist asking things, commentator talking to me….

6:15 pm – OMG….Father FA wants me to flash the Psalm again! Jesus…..didn’t You hear my prayers of ‘Pls don’t let FFA talk about the Psalm because I do not know the # of the slide bcos I don’t have the print out.’

6:15 pm and several seconds later : I put up my hand to tell FFA, “Cool…I am checking, pls wait…” while I was presssing Esc, Arrow Up, search… and I forgot to Freeze Frame (the button to freeze a frame so that the whole church don’t see my computer screen and it’s mouse running around)

6:15 pm and several sweaty seconds later : Press ‘View’, F5 and thank Jesus, I didn’t screw up too much, I hope.

6:30 pm or something like that : There they are! Suddenly I found the printed slides my multimedia leader had left for me. Hehehe. *Danneil smacks Lilian head for being such a panicky OHP handler*

6:40 pm : Community Prayer going on. Community prayer is a long prayer that I totally embrace. Like ‘Oh God, open our ears so that we may hear the cries of others, open our eyes so we may see their needs, bring me to those places….In these coming days, that I may be able to do some work of justice and peace for You..’

6:40 pm and a few seconds later : Lilian was totally in tune with the prayer….over what had happened in the last few weeks. Getting an interview with our Bishop is still overwhelming for a headless chicken like me, you know? It is God’s intervention for me. My prayers are heard by the Divine….Justice, peace, courage….

6:40 pm and suddenly….: The whole church turned silent. And people turned to my direction.

6:40 pm and many awkward moments : Lilian realised that she forget to press ‘Enter’ to change the slides and no one knows what comes next in the Community Prayer. So they are waiting…

6:40 pm and something like that : Lilian grinned sheepishly and continue with the slides.

6:41 pm : Lilian found it so amusing that she thought the power of her mind and the strength of her faith can make Powerpoint slides change like laser beam.

At the end of the mass, I guess it is one of those things that go wrong sometimes. Even the organist forgot his tune in the middle of a song. The priest too was late for a few minutes, making the congregation shifting and looking at the direction where he normally appears. The communion minister missed putting back one of the Eucharist. I wonder why we are so worked up over mass like this? Chill a bit lah. We are humans mah….. But no…………, someone will definitely come up to me and remind me what I did wrong. Like doh…I forget to change slide for a second only, can die meh? No need to rub it in me lah. Think I not feel bad enough ah? So clever, you come do it yourself lah.

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