Brother Paul Ho’s on the La Sallian Brothers

This morning, I spent it at the College General museum to photograph the things in the museum. It was another one of my ‘I think I can do’ crazy streak that I asked Father EP if he wants me to help him to do it. Thank God, Rudy who also owns a Nikon D40 was back in Penang and there are two of us. Otherwise, I would probably freaked out being left alone in a place where saints and matyrs walked.

When I was there, I have the opportunity to listen to Fr EP’s stories on the old seminarians, their lives and where they came from. The French priests came from far to spread the religion. There were Koreans martyrs, Vietnamese, Burmese and Thai priests who once studied at College General too. My favourite saint, Blessed Nicholas Kitbamrung has a corner of his own and I was so pleased to be able to contribute in my own little way to keep photos of the place and its’ antiques.

I got home at noon and found that Brother Paul’s video is up. It moved me so much. Although I was in Brother Paul’s office during the interview, the feel of the video gave it a whole new perspective. I feel so blessed that again, I was instrumental in making the video a reality. It started with another of my ‘I think I can do’ crazy idea of asking Brother Paul if we can video him. It started with my fumbling ‘pass a secret note to Brother Paul before mass ended’ adventure and now, we have our sifu Maran who made the video so touching. The video is produced by Maran, our trainer from the citizen journalism course. I had watched it several times, not so much to see Brother Paul’s 55 years but looking early fourties face but to learn the techniques used by our sifu so that I can improve on my own video editing technique in future.

To conclude all the things I wrote above, you know what? Yestyerday, I told my hubby that it was Brother Paul’s 55th birthday and yet, he looks so young. Hubby retorted, “Sure lah, he got no wife what…” Of course, my first response was to pinch him but I am a lot smarter, “Eh, everyone also said you still don’t look 50 wor…that means, your wife must have kept you young too?” (yes, my old man is going to be 50 on his next birthday).

And the other thing – A lot of men seem to get more handsome as they aged. I had the opportunity to compare the photos of the young sems with the priests we have now and a lot of them seem to become much more good looking now than before. And I also had the chance to see the Bishop when he was very young too.

So, yeah, God has taken me to many strange places, doing many strange things because I think I can….