Seriously…………….do we need a minister to turn radio announcer to remind us to wash our hands?

What’s with him, man? Cita-cita nak jadi DJ tak tercapai, jadi sikalang mau take opportunity to be community message deliverer?

Imagine if every minister also do this on our radio airwaves…

Transport Minister – Hai…I am Ong bla bla…the transport minister and the guy whom Lim Kit Siang claimed rip you guys off. Berhati-hati di jalanraya, you never know when I can rip you off again. *ends with evil shrill laughters*

There are lots more to type but something is wrong with my keyboard so I shall stop here for now.

BTW, please tell me how you feel every time there is the community message on H1N1 from the Hell-ed Minister? I wonder what the ex-helled minister would say during his tenure? ‘Hi, I am CSL and I want to remind Malaysian men above 55 yrs old to have regular sex and keep personal friend’.