Sim versus Huan – Young politicians vs Old horses

My Pantai Jerjak ADun in the area where I voted, Sim of PKR recently had a spat with Gerakan old horse, Huan. Just to clear things, I don’t live in Pantai Jerjak anymore but am too lazy to change address with SPR. But maybe I will do it before the next election because now I live in Air Putih and the ADun is here is Lim Guan Eng. On second thought, maybe I will go find one kawasan terpencil and run as independent candidate. Muahahaharr…..

Anyway…few days ago, YB Sim asked on his Facebook why people don’t join politics. He was referring to those capable, energetic, dynamic, clean, visionary people. People like you and I, lah. So, here are the reasons why I don’t join political parties :

1) Because all their leaders are like Lim Keng Yaik, Koh Tsu Koon, Samy Vellu…. you get the drift

2) Or their leaders are highly efficient but probably too dictatorial like Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh….

3) Or their leaders are highly cronitised, with hairs tied together so there is no space for kutus even, what more people like you and I

4) Because it is all about ball carrying and dog eats dog world

5) I don’t want to be boxed in by party rules and regulations

6) I got no voice of my own anymore

7) Good leaders hardly survive. I have met two Gerakan members, one in Balik Pulau and one is Nai Khan Ari who was the independent candidate in Penanti. Both of them have displayed admirable service, dedication and hard work. Yet, they have been sidelined because of party politics.

8 ) You can’t dig your nose in the car when the lights turned red. Hahaha.

Anyway…I am proud that YB Sim has spoken up against PKR absorbing losers, lame guys (and I don’t mean physically) and opportunists to his party. I see that Huan’s face, I also know that he is yet another typical BN politicians who tok kok all day, expect people to carry their balls, treat them like VIP and kiss their asses type.

The one thing that I am glad about the PR led Penang State Government is how they have done away with all those protocol, hormat and hierarchy stuffs. It is all about getting work done, people being served and producing results. Now, if something bugs us, we just need to bring it to the proper department, shoot them an email and expect them to reply. So far, the MPPP under Mr. Tan has been so efficient. And though some of the old horses in DAP are still rather slow, all I need is to errm….arm twist a bit and I see results as well. To me, politics is all about serving the needs of the people. But most politicians see it differently, i.e. serving their own needs and those of their friends and families.

*boast a bit, can?* Did I tell you about the time when I mailed to the CM about something and he forwarded it to ALL his MPs and ADuns in DAP? Heh, kernggg…leh? They probably hate me so much, they will spit into my foods *makes mental note not to eat any food they give me* That’s what I call efficiency. And Sir Francis Light is going to have Ching Ming soon, thanks to our CJ video and an efficient Penang MPPP Mr. Tan and proactive heritage trust people.

5 thoughts on “Sim versus Huan – Young politicians vs Old horses

  1. love this one: “8 ) You can’t dig your nose in the car when the lights turned red. Hahaha.”

    anyway, i agree with your other reasons – you can’t do what you want if you join this “established politic party”. true enough, all the bright minds are outside of politics… 🙂

    Nilesh Babu´s last blog post..Favorite Quotes

  2. One more is you cannot slouch on chair when you sit during functions or else some blogger will complain in her blog.

  3. Lilian, so I am stupid being a PKR man, or because I am stupid to join? hehehe…

    Seriously, if smart ppl dont join politics, morons will take all these places. We are in such a bad shape now because our errr opponents are full of not so smart ppl.

    In the end, we all screw up because politics after all controls most of the things.

    Lee Kuan Yew said there are 3 types of ppl 1. near genius 2. average 3. moron. LKY and Barack Obama is no 1 type ppl. They are in politics!

    So, pls rethink.

  4. YB Sim – LOL, I didn’t use the word stupid worrrr….But I must say that it is refreshing to meet people like you, MP Yusmadi, MP Liew Chin Tong and we are glad to have you all here in our Penang island. Gives me faith that there is hope.

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