Hubby just returned from Alor Setar, attending an ex-colleague’s funeral wake.

So, I followed the man from the room to the kitchen and round and round the house to kepoh a bit.

Q : How many kids?

A : Two

Q : How old?

A : Only Standard Four and Standard One

Q : How old is he?

A : 43 yrs

My response : Wuah…younger than me somemore.

Q : So, he never have any prior illness type?

A : Nope

Kepoh : You mean he just skali die, like that? Heart attack so easy to die one ah?

A : Yup.

This guy is formerly from hubby’s ex-company. They work in Kulim but after the company closed down, this guy went to work in KL. I am not sure if his family followed him down to KL to stay there or not. Dare not kepoh anymore cos hubby knows I sure blog about it.

This thing just makes you go thinking and pondering about your own mortality, isn’t it?

And you know what my son replied when I told him that hubby won’t be back for dinner tonight cos he is going to attend his colleague’s funeral, someone much younger than hubby? “Got buy insurance or not ah?”

The other thing is, the only thing I missed about not buying the hardcopy of The Star is I never get to read obituaries anymore. I like reading obituaries because all those deaths announcement just made you go..’Sembahyanglah sebelum anda disembahyangkan.’ Faith helps in times like this.