Of ayam kangkang and macc

People are telling me all over the place they missed my food posts on my three food blogs. Actually, I do cook and eat and have plenty of things to write. But it is one of my too lazy to be bothered curve so I didn’t care to write anything new.

roast chicken

Like yesterday, I roasted this ayam kangkang. I call it ayam kangkang because the poor chicken must have broken it’s legs when they killed it. So, after roasting and grilling, the poor thing’s legs terkangkang with a big gaping hole. See? It is not so pretty to be shown on food blogs, right? I have very high standard one, I don’t cincai-cincai take pictures and simply blog on my food blogs.

roast chicken

The roasted chicken was good. My four kids attacked it like a swarm of vultures, leaving only the bones for me to pick. I used a mixture of fresh herbs like rosemary, basil, sage, thyme and godknowswhat plus whatever sauces I fancy.

And what does macc stand for? Macaroni cream, cheese and chicken. Talking about macc, the other day when I went there to cover the news, all the guards were sitting there watching TV. Me being the first time there wasn’t sure if the building is MACC because they have taken down all the names and signs as they used to be called ACA.

So, I stood at the guard house…..”Encik, ini tempat pencegah rasuah?” Damn….I feel so stupid having to ask such a noob question, you know? And none of them ‘choy ngor’ and continue watching TV. One asked, “Kasi IC” I need to surrender my IC to get a pass to enter. Lucky I got chance to shoot a lot of padding shots, just in case next time I need to make documentaries on corruption, I got plenty of video clips.


Today, it rains very heavily. As expected, my #2 and #3 sons came back from school, all soaked. Usual for them lah, knowing that they are not supposed to play in the rain, they lagi purposely do that. And it is not practical for me to fetch them because in the end, instead of two of them, all four of us, including my six years old will get wet if we do so. (Need to explain these cos I know I got plenty 3gu6poh samku lukpoh who will pok pek pok pek, “Why Lilian…how can…you cruel mother, why didn’t you drive and fetch them, you so lazy…”. Haiyor, they are 17 and 13 so no need to pamper one, can take a bus ride.) So, being the good mother, I made macaroni, cheese and chicken with cream for their lunch. It looks ugly but it is darn tasty. Cooking for them means no black pepper, no fresh green herbs to decorate so it look ugly in the photo.

24 hrs more before I can get my posts back to normal…$igh$$$ 😉

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  1. Don’t think you are being cruel to your son when you don’t pick them up. We must teach our kids to be independent. That is what I told Lawrence at time where he had to learn to let go certain things – my boy is 6 ady. He had to learn certain stuff. Aiyoh, this daddy teruk lar…………

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