Ever notice how we Malaysians tend to parrot?

I am talking about those Dear Editor letters. I just hate it when people started spewing their thoughts ONLY AFTER someone else have written to the Editor about something. It is like they have no opinions of their own. If you don’t believe, go flip through the newspapers and look for Dear Editor column.

It always start with

Dear Editor

I refer to the letter from Chao Ah Beng dated etc and I agree with the opinions expressed by Mr. Chao.

Then, the writer, let’s name her Parrot Poh will go bla bla bla…

It is like doh….get your own opinions, will ya?

Sometimes, I wonder why people bother to write to the Editor? Go get a blog, yo. It is free and you can write till the cows come home and no one can edit your words, correct your grammar or touch a single hair of yours.

However, there is one chap, Bulbir Singh that I admire. Mr. Bulbir Singh is the die-hard fan of Dear Editor. He writes incessantly to Dear Editor since as long as I can remember. Once, he even supported my view when I whacked the Lifestyle editor (which I think is Wong Chun Wai’s wife) because they featured people who can sees ghost. I hentam-ed them that they are misleading readers because the interviews with some folks who can see dead aircond maintenance guy was kind of supported by a psychiatrist. It was the way the whole column was presented and at that time, I have stopped believing in everything.

So, after my letter was published, a lot of nutz flamed me for not believing in restless souls walking around maintaining airconds. So, our dear Mr. Bulbir Singh put the final word, several weeks later, supporting my views that The Star Lifestyle section was wrong in making the stories from people who can see ghosts as real because of what the saiko doctor said.

That of course, happened seven years ago. Now, if I have an opinion, I will crap it on my own blog. Or make a video out of it. Or make someone an idiot out of it.

I personally think it is un-cool to parrot other Dear Editor letter. Got an opinion? Make it original. Never parrot. Every idiots have opinion too.

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