Kopi-o with my ADun

I interviewed YB Sim, ADun of Pantai Jerjak where I voted.

The above is only part of the interview. I asked YB Sim about being an ADun and I am so surprised to hear how much an ADun earns a month. There is no such thing as glamour, no big money, lots of hard work and plenty of stress. YB Sim was very frank with the amount he receives as an ADun and the amount of money he has to pay for rental, staffs’ salary, electricity bill and etc etc. I will make another video on that because I guess most of us don’t really know what actually is the role of an ADun. Certainly, not blocked longkang, missing wife, stray husband cases like what we often read in the mainstream media.

It is very refreshing to chat with him because all the misconceptions I had about politicians are somewhat explained. All the while I thought politicians all loaded with gold rings, jade rings, fat fat , in expensive silk batik like those Bee End wannnn…

Now….I wonder when the ADun in the area I stay is going to grant me an interview? Hmmm????? ADun of Air Putih? Boleh kah, YAB?

6 thoughts on “Kopi-o with my ADun

  1. what’s a Adun?
    all I know is once u becomes a politician, more opportunities will open up to you. whether u wan to take it is a different matter.
    LC, what has happened to the declaration of all assets (hard n soft) in every PG elected politicians tht was promised? personally, I dun agree with any politician holding any business position/role…this will only cause conflict of interest…..

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  2. ADUN, MP – people representative.
    Hmmmm, the school didn’t teach. I bet 75% Malaysian know nuts about the roles of people representative. But those 75% PRETEND they know, and want the elected representative to watch longkang for them(while they can actually make a call to municipal councils). Rather than ask the ADUN/MP to fix/correct/upgrade the system.

  3. JT -Wuah, you think I am the CM’s private secretary or what ah? How I know lah? But then, declare or not, got difference meh? Last time in the previous gahmen, I know how rich some of them are but the properties are not in their name, so declare or not also useless ler.

    Ya, those local legislators aka ADuns should be clean but temptations are every where lah. Wait when I become one, I tell you how hard it is, ok?

  4. rizlan – Yalor, we all kenal yang macam Kak Pidah, Semi Value, semua kaya-kaya belaka. Orang baru semua, papa kedana.

  5. u not CM’s sec meh? tht declare thing of coz don mean much but it was raised by yr idol CM, nanti cakap tak buat…susah lah. knowing something and putting something black n white are 2 very different things.
    when u bcome Adun, we 50/50 ok?

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