I had a MTV marathon watching all of Michael Jackson’s old mtvs. I cannot get over how lithe his limbs are were. And some of the songs are really strong. Like this Earth Song :

Since I learned video filming and video editing, I tend to see the subtle things like how different things are incorporated into the music video. In the above video, there is one part where they showed the starving babies. It is just soooo heart rendering. The music, the lyrics, the clips of all the destructions and sufferings just grab your heart and twist it till it bleeds, no?

While people are feeling sad that Michael Jackson died, I am feeling happy for him. It is very bad but that is one tortured soul there. Do you know he converted from a Jehovah’s Witness to a Muslim? Here is the news from The Telegraph. I guess he is at peace now.

I am going to listen to a few more ber-emo songs from MJ and hope I can find the emotions to make a video to plead to our State Government to bring back the glory of the secondhand books stalls. Once upon a time, these stalls were located along Jalan Macalister and I spent many, many long hours visiting the stall, buying the old copies of USA Cosmopolitan, got mesmerized with all the Mills & Boons, fell totally in love with all the Counts and Lords, got corrupted with all the thrashy novels by Harold Robbins, Jacqueline Susann and get smarter with Swedish porns, Playboy, Penthouse…. LOL. (ok, I didn’t buy the porn, ok? Long before there were porn on the net, there were Swedish books that the mamak would hide behind shelves and secretly passed to you because you are a regular customer.

Sadly, people do not know how to appreciate how fantastic these old books are, I mean the normal books, not the porn. There are so many novels to browse through. But nowadays, parents are so kiasu they only pushed Panduan UPSR, PMR and SPM to their kids. Housewives only know how to read cookbooks and not Mills & Boons. Chey…what a waste of a generation. Let’s bring back those secondhand book stalls so that we can make Penangites more literate, much more fun, much smarter and be streetwise like me.

Now, I find my emo moment, time to make a video…