MPPP Mr. Tan oi, we don’t need more Pisang and Superman banners lah!

People, you tell me…..

what do you think of the hundreds of banners advertising that male hardening cream sprouting up in our neighbourhood, outside primary boys’ schools and such?

Sex sells definitely.

But when it is blatantly advertise around our taman and kampong, I think we have to say something, no?

So, I wrote a very short, formal email to Mr. Tan of MPPP because the City Council is the authority who overlooks illegal advertisements. And I bet putting up hundreds of banners all over the places are illegal. Stick No Bill law stays, right?

I am sure Mr. Tan is thinking and pondering about this. Mr. Tan is a very efficient MPPP chief. I am meeting him tomorrow about some grave matters so I really hope he doesn’t read this….Hehehe.

With a tagline like The Obnoxious 5xmom, Sex, lies, life….I have no problem with males wanting a dab of Superman or Pisang cream. It is really none of my business, really. Seriously, I don’t care if they want it lebih keras, kasar, panjang dan tahan lama or whatever that are written on those banners. But you see, those ads speak something else.

They are telling our boys that they are mere batangs. Use it, find some girls and use it. And those with daughters, don’t you think they are also program to be the ‘rider of the disco stick?’ (In case you clueless moms do not know, it is a song by Lady Gaga call Love Game. I don’t know what is a disco stick but with a dirty mind like mine, what do you think it is?)

So, back to this ISO bla bla, Halal bla bla bla Panjang, keras, kasar dan tahan lama (that’s what the banners said, ok?), they can market it any other way but please do not leave those banners outside primary and secondary schools, can? I have videos of them but I am not going to help them market it further. Frankly, go to some wet markets, get yourself some gigolos and go demo to those silais like selling those chopper, mincer, pots and pans, minyak lintah lah! “Tengok puan-puan, sekali sapu…..nah….mujarab puan….Hari ini offer, beli satu, dapat dua, gigolo not included.’ Niamah……………..

13 thoughts on “MPPP Mr. Tan oi, we don’t need more Pisang and Superman banners lah!

  1. mama22beas – At first, I saw it in Penanti when I was having teh tarik with my tok guru video from Mkini and my coursemate. Both jantan lah. So, when I ternampak, I almost die laughing. I thought, maybe kampung terpencil, takdak entertainment lain, I pun don’t care lah. But few weeks after that, wahlau eh…all over Penang. And like every few metres got one. This morning, got cap Pisang pulak. Wait few more days, ada cap Timun lah, cap Ular lah…haahaha.

  2. This banners are all over the place – I mean the ‘I love Pisang’ banners. Motto – Tambah saiz, tahan lama, lebih keras. I and Lawrence had been making jokes out of it. Don’t play play hor, it’s Halal and got a few more certification one leh.

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  3. Come to the Klang Valley. Everywhere here also they TAMPAL. Ah Long, Tongkat Ali, Pisang cream, Urut batin, plumber, astro…. macam macam ada.

  4. So, you tried already, which brand better for anaconda ah? Come tell us lah…don’t be shy lah…I know you tried all the brands already…come, tell us lah….

  5. there’s one huge billboard at sg 2, usm near the tesco extra there featuring products with colourful & funky packaging yet din really say wat kinda product it is… just a few line of descriptions. then it dawned on us that they r condoms, lol!

  6. Eve – I saw one with Mann cream outside the State mosque.

    kyh – I must look out for that. But condom still ok lah, this one all so lewd lah…keras, ok understand lah. But kasar? WTF?

  7. rizlan – Entah lah…whether it is rough surface kah…rough action kah…Ish, engko ni, buat aku cakap yang bukan-bukan pulak.

  8. Aiyoh, I think the men got it messed up. It’s not what you’ve got, but what you do with it la!

    You could hang like an elephant and still be a disappointment, if you know what I mean……….

    And no one knows yet the side effects of all those cream. I am sure there’ll be those who think ‘more is better’ and live to regret it!If one blue pill is better then more would be suuuuuuper ……… die la!

    Guys, just go read up more, do your homework and be ‘educated’.The largest sex organ is between the ears … your brain la!! I truly believe that those ads for all those ‘superman’ cream just insults the guys … as if it is necessary………. All it does is to desensitize the equipment then one day down the road, your theme song would probably be ………. ‘ You’ve lost that loving feeling ….’ woa, woa….

  9. Didnt cross my mind it would affect the younger generation this way.

    When I first glanced through it, it really didnt make much sense to me. It didnt even cross my mind to think it was some “enhancement” cream, until I read it properly.. even so, i still cant piece together the kasar part xD

    But hey, have you tuned into TV3 these days? It’s full of ads like that! Some batin cream for men, some other thing for perempuan etc etc. Is it not prohibited in Malaysia?

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