Mental preparation

“Darling…you sure you won’t miss me?”

“No lah…”

“Miss me lah…..miss lorrrr…..cincai lorrr….you no miss me, I so saddddd…Can kiss?”

“No! Kissing is for sissies….I am not your baby anymore! I am a big boy!”

“Cannot kiss, can mommy carry you?”

“Carry only, ok? No kissy-kissy, ok?”

“Ok lurrr….*tried to lift* Arrggh…mommy can’t lift you up anymore… too big boy already.”

And that’s part of the preparations for next week. I had catered lunch. My eldest-sil will come to stay over. My boy will skip kindie for four days. And he is going to play WOW (world of war craft and dunno what other online game), play LEGO, read Enid Blyton’s books until mommy comes home, six days later.

I heard a lot of things have been arranged for us trainees which include on the job training on the editorial floor, following the real reporters around, visit to broadcasting station, meeting some big names in journalism and such. I am not going to miss the chance to take the opportunity to learn what I can.

Actually, I had gotten a confirmation from the man himself, LKS to interview him about something that I had long been intrigued about him. It is just that timing is not ‘ngam’ as he is not around Penang that often. So, I hope to catch him in KL when I am there. People, send some good vibes over, will ya? LOL, I will bring you a side of LKS that you have never seen before.

I told someone today, “When you are ready, the Lord will bring you to places you never thought possible.” Someone was so amazed to see me almost everywhere., Anil’s blog, Youtube, email forwards….The sweetest thing is, all it takes is a ‘I am ready, Lord. Bring it on…’

So, few more days, I am going on a long, long, long break…Woohoo, no need to wash butts, no need to cook, no need to scream ‘go bath, go eat, clean up, who left the cup here, who ate the last piece and never put the plate in the sink, stop fighting, not so loud, stop that banging’….but I have training from morning till night, six days a week, with no break. I asked our trainer to ‘apply pressures, deadlines, real ones until we break’. I hope it is six days of adventure.  And not, six days of emo-ing over ‘I want to go home’.

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