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Sir Francis Light

The mosquitoes were enjoying their Bloody Mary at my expenses. Sweat trickling down my forehead, blinding me. Getting the right exposure and WB is not easy because I was using a CPL that made my Nikon D40 confuse with the shadows and sunny sunlight. Meanwhile, the parking meter was ticking away 60, 59, 58….My CJ partner was summoned by MPPP while we were talking to the MPPP chief. Go figure…

So, these are the only few photos I managed to capture with my DSLR before the MPPP chief and his entourage of very nice staffs and the Penang Heritage President and Manager came along…

With all the big names there, I am sure our dear Sir Francis Light and all those who were laid to rest at the Protestant Cemetery will be happy to see a spring cleaning soon.

Thank you, MPPP. You restore my faith in local government.

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