Traditional Indian wedding

I went to a traditional Indian wedding this morning.  It was so beautiful.  I am lucky to be able to video the whole wedding ritual and am editing the video now.

This is the first time I actually followed the whole wedding ceremony and feel so touched to see the display of filial piety.  The groom bathed his mother’s feet with milk, apply some tumeric and other stuffs.  Then, the bride did the same.  After that, in another ceremony, the groom kissed the feet of his father and mother.

Then, there was another ceremony where a ring was put into a pot of water.  The bride and groom then, put their arms into the deep pot and whoever found the ring will be the master of the home.  It was kind of cute to see the blushing bride losing out to the husband.  This means she will be a housewife or something like that.    A lady explained to me the significance of the ceremony so that’s how I know.

Another part was the tying of the thaleel (is that what you call that yellow string?) by the groom on the bride.  After that, he has to put his arm across the shoulder of his bride and dot her head with the red dye.

There are so many ceremonies which are very interesting.  The Indian wedding is so steeped in tradition and I am glad the wedding went on without any interference about the impending eviction of the villagers.   I asked the groom’s permission if I can make a video of his wedding and put it on Youtube because it is nice to show others how an Indian wedding is carried out.

Before I left the village, I do feel a tinge of sadness.  The villagers will face the eviction on 2nd July and the police has warned them not to make things difficult.  I won’t be around and pray that nothing will happen and they are given ample time to move out or stay put.    Whatever the outcome, I hope no one gets hurt or none of the innocent  children there are frightened.  And frankly, I think all those Hindraf warnings only make things worse.   Arrggh…I am not going to comment further.