Hindraf at Komtar

I happened to pass by Komtar’s underpass and saw a group of reporters waiting at the escalator near Maybank. I think they are waiting for the arrival of Hindraf’s little girl. I read that she is going to pass an appeal note to CM to save Kampung Buah Pala.

I suppose our CM surely have the grace to meet her? She was the one who wanted to hand over the yellow roses to Pak Lah but Pak Lah didn’t meet her. If I remember correctly, she also went to the palace once to try to deliver something to the King?

Now, this is getting interesting. In the morning, they try to meet CM. I wonder if they are going to burn his effigy later in the afternoon? I wonder how the conversation (if any) will take place.

Hindraf : Burn, babe, burnnnnn

CM : Ooooh….turn on the heat

And everybody breaks into a song and dance…..

And of course, I am not reporting in my capacity as a CJ. And no, this does not represent my real thoughts.


CM’s special assistant posted a photo on his Facebook. The little girl and Hindraf members are now in Komtar.


And if you want to know the other side of the story, read Lim Guan Eng’s full press statement on Kampung Buah Pala.

And the video I made yesterday at CM’s press conference.

4 thoughts on “Hindraf at Komtar

  1. At least they didn’t kena wallop from the police. I am glad the Pakatan Government is doing its best to accomodate.

  2. JT – Wei, you in UK mah……

    PenangGirl – No lah, in Penang, the police are not so ‘hiong’.

    Eugene – Yes, I think so too.

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