To-do list

1) Wake up (obviously….)

2) Brush teeth (definitely)

3) Bath (compulsory)

4) Poop (naturally)

5) Put on contact lenses (must-ly)

6) Put on clothes (rightly, you don’t want to traumatise the world, do you?)

7) Wake up boy (difficult-ly)

8 ) Wake up boy again (patiently)

9) Wake up boy (finally)

10) Check emails, blogs, Restaurant City (robotic-ly)

11) Fetch boy to school

12) Bring tiffin carrier to ‘Sar kark eng’ and remind them to give me only ‘children eat dishes, no chillies’ starting 1st July (btw, the economy rice at this triangle corner, across Chung Ling main door, Jalan Air Itam/Kampong Baru is nice, you know? I cater food for one month at RM250, enuff for 3 person. I want to do it for one week but they only cater for one month)

13) Go buy school uniforms for the girls and pass to Erina (the shelter home just gave me their sizes)

14) Fetch boy home from school, lepak, get some lunch

15) Go ‘Hindraf burn LGE effigy’ demo at Komtar. Woohoo, I love the action! Tks Hindraf for bringing it forward to today or else I would miss the fun of crowds, demo, loud shouts, colourful orange shirts, possible police and FRU and all that jazz. Don’t worry lah, in Penang, we are all peaceful. If not, I can just blend into the crowd as one of the housewives buying vegetables and disappear, unnoticed. The regular SB photographers already recognise me, every time sure take my photo. And the people including Suaram folks thought I am a SB videographer. See? I must remind self not to bring tripod, just a small video cam in a big, loose bermuda pants and a flowery blouse.

16) Pack all my gadgets for the citizen journalism training in KL. So many cables, batteries, chargers, screws and nuts…

17) Fetch my sister-in-law and give her a briefing of what I have in my fridge which she can cook if she doesn’t like the catered foods. She knows baby sitting Matthew is a breeze because he is like the world most angelic boy with polite manners and no demands, except to feed him rice at regular hours. He can eat on his own, poo on his own, bath on his own, play Lego, read books, play WOW, play FB on his own…

18) Instal MSN messenger on my Mac so that I can ‘see’ my boy online. BTW, are there any other better webcam softwares? Faster give me the link! Or else, I sure rindu my boy and run away from Msiakini within one day.

19) Make sure my older kids have all the phone numbers for western food from LK, Pizza hut, McD, Domino and the money to go with it.

20) Sleep. The end.

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  1. You can try Window Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Skype….Anyway, have a pleasant and fruitful trip ! Tata….

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