Motherparker and motherpacker

Can you believe that I can even get lost in a car park? LOL. Today, I went to Komtar but the underground parkings are full. So, I parked somewhere outside. The space was so crammed, I could park in but have problems getting out. It is one of those woman’s problem I have. Easily I squeezed in but when I want to get out, oops, the lubang become too tight. Anyway, after several turn and twist on my little Viva, I got out.

But suddenly, I cannot remember which direction I entered. It is an open car park, with the huge Komtar looming on top of my head. And yet, I can’t seem to remember where I came in from. I think the parking attendant must be wondering why I drove around the car park like that. Damn malu, I tell you.

And it is 12 midnight. I am supposed to wake up at 4 am and wait for Jimmy and Natasja at Tesco at 5 am. Yet, I haven’t pack my things yet. The cables and wires alone took up a shopping bag already. The cameras, laptop, mike and stuffs another bag. I think I am going to bring clothes enough for two days. Let Mkini’s staffs wonder why I seem to live in the Groundhog Day world where I wear the same shirt, same jeans, same shoe every day.

I can’t sleep because I cannot sleep next to my SIL or any other strangers. I think I will sit here till 4.30 am….

At the last minute, I am installing skype because I need to talk to my baby! I dare not mention about me going KL before he went to sleep. I dare not tell him, “Tomorrow morning when you wake up, mommy won’t be around.” Bawllssss….So, I will instal skype and leave the instructions to him on how to operate skype. I think my six years old will have no problem understanding the basics.

Yerrr…..I never leave my kids for this length of time one, you know? Even my loukong also, since day one we dated. 😉 I better keep myself so busy in the next six days or else I sure take the next plane home. I miss my baby already!

7 thoughts on “Motherparker and motherpacker

  1. Niamah!!! Cut me off on MSN said wanna pack!! Now you post an entry pulak!!! Tiu!!!

  2. tiu – I posted before we chatted lah, go check the time. Niamah. Ya hor, my mobile connection gila sikit, you jaga kedai. But I will have internet connection at Mkini lah. My training is 10 am to 9 pm every night. And after that, kena teh tarik session with the politicians to learn the ropes, I heard.

    JT – My video up on Youtube liao lor. Go check lah. Like Bollywood movie likedat.

  3. I am proud of you, despite your tight routines,your heart will always long for the children.

    sometimes the children really give us the strength to go on,,,,,,,,

    well done sister……

    family first no matter what

    eugene´s last blog post..What’s wrong with that?

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