No sleep, no sleepy yet

Dear Sons #1, #2, #3 and #5

Your ma didn’t sleep last night because of the rain. So, she didn’t sleep at all because during the trip, she didn’t want to sleep because you know how paranoid she is about people driving and her sleeping. She doesn’t want to go to Heaven without knowing how she ended up there.

Now, it is 4:18 pm and still not sleepy. Your ma got here at 9 am, after one stop at Tapah. Then, it is all the way to Bangsar at Malaysiakini. Course started since 10 am. Lunch was at Quick Bites, some cafe.

I phoned the tua pui but he refused to sembang much with me. I tried to instal Skype on my laptop but the cilaka software isn’t working.

Class is going till 9 pm. Phew….

At 6 pm, we are going to the editorial meeting and tomorrow, we are going to be sent out to the real, big, bad world. I hope they put me somewhere exciting like a riot, tear gas affair or meet the PM at Parliament. Thursday and Friday are doing field work and then, back to office to write articles.

Saturday is narrative journalism by Janet Steele, someone from US to train us. I hope when I get back, you all won’t say I spoke with fake slang.

Sunday is advanced journalism.

And classes last till 9 pm every single day.

It is tea time now!

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9 thoughts on “No sleep, no sleepy yet

  1. Hey, welcome to my world of JAM, JAM, JAM…..he, he, he….
    So now you are going for your MBA or Phd? Must respect you lah…..I cannot imagine myself going back to courses or classes or schools….
    Anyway, since you are in Bangsar you should try out some tapas at La Bodega….
    Or you can go for a nice Vietnamese cuisine at Jalan Ara, restaurant is call Saigon…
    I am pretty sure you will have a good time… cheer up and have a blast!

  2. …leaving message…

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    …404 encountered…

    …message not left…

  3. Your poor mader just check in hotel at 8 pm, now going to eat dinner. Then come back to research for my interview at the Jalan Duta courts tomorrow. Fuyoh, imagine, clueless mom, foreign land, alone, going to court to interview someone, bring tripod, look for taxi…then, after that, need to find way back to Mkini….

    But the hotel is nice! Gtg, makan before I pengsan!

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