Dear sons

Your mader calling….pheeeee phooooo pheeee phooooo

I woke up at 4 am this morning, did a lot of research on Kugan and went back to sleep at 6 am and have to wake up at 6.45 am again. Breakfast was good but knowing your ma, she dare not eat much eventhough she wanted to. Aiyah…no need explicitly blog that I was afraid that I wanna pangsai at the most inappropriate time.


I got to go to the High Court alone. Rain came down so heavily and I couldn’t hail a cab from the hotel. So, I ran with my laptop, heavy tripod and wet jeans and shoes to the nearest Monorail station to catch a taxi. Phew….I am admiring my ownself for my own samsengness and ahlianess.

I believe the power of prayer works. I prayed so hard last night because I am terribly afraid of interviewing Kugan’s mom. I want to do it and shameless asked to be given the assignment. I was afraid that I could only managed a few words from her or I could cried along with her. But praise the Divine, it turned out well. A short clip of the video is here.


Did I tell you my hotel is great? It is located in a red light area but the place is new and the room big. I get a twin bed all to myself, no one to mess up the bathroom and I can snore and no one to copy the sound. Anyway, we have to leave early for assignments and when we come back from our course, it is way too late to do anything. Moreover, your mom is way past the ‘chicken’ stage so I am pretty safe. No Africans nor Bangladeshis want to have a second look. I went to buy toothpaste and no one makes any wolf whistle. Got plenty of ‘chicken’ in the street across my hotel but no chicken clucking here.

I hate to say this but I haven’t have time to even miss you guys. I phoned your little brother but he was too busy to chat with me for long. I got an article to write. I made a draft and the editor said I am being to melodramatic. He shoved it into the bin and asked me to re-write again. Well…he is actually a nice guy and I didn’t do too bad lah. I managed to complete a short video of it, writing an article and I practically one leg kicks all because I even filmed the interview.

Oh ya, don’t remind me the video was shot rather senget. You see, I wanted to capture the tears and expression. So your poor mother had to look at the person talking (usually the lawyer or the aunt), look at the mom, look at the video camera all at the same time. So, I had to quickly rush from mom to lawyer to aunt and round and round again. In the end, yes, I managed to get the ‘feel’ I want. I have to hold hard to my tears and control my choking voice. I noticed a couple of girl reporters swiping their tears away too.


I got scolded actually. You see, got one nasty old fella shouted in front of everyone. “Go to the side lah, we want to take photos lah.” I told him I need to explain to Kugan’s mom first. I put my hand over her shoulder and whispered to her that I may asked some hurtful things and if she needs to cry, please don’t hold back. I told her that we need to move the hearts of all Malaysians to get them to feel for her. I told her that many Malaysians cried along with her. I don’t want to treat her like an object for interviewing but I want her to feel that I am there to share her pain. So, this old man shouted very rudely lah. He said, “Aiyah, she knows what to say already lah, what for want to explain her?” KNN, I was too busy to tiu only. Niamah, or else I take my tripod and whack him baru tau.

And you know what? Back in class, we were coached by Abang Nash, a very famous big gun reporter. I told him I kena marah lah. He said, “You are doing a great job!” Cos he said normally when people cover accident victim surviving families, people terus interview while he would do some small chats first. Yay! Thank God I get affirmation from the best!

Now, I must go take out my contact lens, do my article and fall asleep. Nite nite. Muaks muaks….

9 thoughts on “Dear sons

  1. Lilian ah…..
    Why always “Dear sons….” only???? Should be “Dear Hubby and sons….” nanti dia kecik hati baru tau!!!!
    Anyway good to read your updates from here and tweeter. keep up the good work. God bless.

  2. lol..she’s famous for taking pictures of herself in mirrors while dressed up. her rules 4taking a “KC” pose are:

    1.The picture has to be taken into a mirror.
    2.You have to be dress up nicely (or at least, unusually).
    3.You have to have clothes on.
    4.You have to show your face.

  3. See, you are having a blast now in KL doing what you are born to do… any plans to making KL second home ah?

  4. RO – Now I know…LOL. Wait tonight I go back, do another one.

    toolan – What blast lah, no time to even pop into 7-11 to buy things, what more shopping malls. But I enjoy picking the brains of some famous journalists.

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