What day what date

Dear sons

Bah…I just got back to the hotel an hour ago. Took a bath and tried to restart my computer but it konk-ed out. OMG, that’s like my lifeline. Lucky after system restore, it works again. Phew….

After so many days, I finally get to eat Chinese foods……OMG, I had been having mamak and cafe type of foods since I got here. And my coursemates and I have forgotten what date and which day we arrived. Our days have rolled from one day to another and now, we even forget who taught us what.

Lucky your ma typed out everything everyone said in a Word document or she probably forgets the names of all the lecturers, what more what was taught.

So, seriously….I cannot remember when I reached here, how many days I have spent here and sometimes, I don’t even remember I got all of you at home. Die lah, like this type of mother also got.

But I have learned many new techniques in journalism. I also learned many creative ways in making videos. And most of all, I get to hear the old timers, much respected journalists who shared their thoughts with us. Yesterday, we had Mr. Sugumaran to share with us about journalism. He has notorious reputation of throwing a typewritter across the room at a journalist. Phew…I like! He also shared his days at SXI and how he often got into trouble because of his laser mouth. I double like!

Tomorrow, Sunday morning, your holy mother LOL is going to St. Francis Xavier church. Mass is at 8.30 am. Actually, I am not that holy because I think Jesus will forgive a lost headless chicken like me to skip mass in a foreign land. Better I don’t go groping around in a foreign place than getting lost and then, pray 100 times, Jesus, OMG OMG, where am I. Jesus hear also ear pain, right?

But divine intervention makes me get there to meet up with an editor of an ……hear this…..open your eyes big big….international….Catholic news site….Oh dear….I don’t know what gives him the impression that your ma can write holy stuffs like that but hey, never under estimate because if God wills it, we can do it. All in His hands, not ours. Jesus said He didn’t call the equipped but He equips the one He calls.

I am going to pray tonight that I won’t end up somewhere else. Mass is at 8.30 am. Father GT said it is his parish. I hope he is back there to celebrate mass. Then, I won’t feel like a lost kid in that church. I hope the parishioners are not snobbish, cold, distant, Catholic-ky but nice like the other church I went to.

Oh dear…I was so busy, I didn’t even have time to phone HM and Mich and Ah Koo and etc. Heck, I am so busy, now I can only lie in bed and hope to doze off soon.

One more thing – I learned something useful from Mr. Sugu. He said journalism is not about writing only. We must have the passion to build the community and create a better society. I just love that role. And thank God, this morning, something affirmed that I am going in the right direction.

Let me listen to a few more Michael Buble like Lost and Home and nite nite. Enjoy your Sunday while your ma slough it out again. 7 am wake up, 7.45 am go SFX, 9.30 am mass over, ber-networking with editor. Get to Mkini by 11 am. And another long day on Sunday because class ends at 8 pm. (But we rarely get home at 8 pm)

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  1. Lilian,

    You never fail to “amuse” me with your rantings. Started reading your blog posts sometime last year, but unfortunately, due to shortage of “waking” hours in a day, am unable to visit your blog as often as I intended. What with my busy schedule online (I’m still a “rookie”-lah!) and being not so computer-savvy, I’m like still trying to cope with all the websites I’ve started since last April, or thereabouts.

    Since you blog so frequently, I just couldn’t find time to read each and every posting, but like this one that I’m reading right now, it never fails to make me chuckle at your turn of phrase of the English Language, mixed with a “rojak” of our local dialects. You are such a hoot!! Keep it up!!

    And, if you have the time (which you probably don’t), you’re welcome to visit 2 of my websites. One is located at http://www.CreativeThinkingForWomen.com (you’re a WOMAN, right??) and the other is under my “alter-ego” AkitaWoof at http://www.AkitaWoof.com (what else!!).

    Maybe, my blogs can make you chuckle too??

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