Workaholic at work

Dear sons

Your mom has lost track of the date and day. This is to remind self that today is Saturday. Remember that you, #3 has Martin Jalleh’s Mr. Bean stand-up comic session at 2.00 pm. There is no cat. class for #5.

It is already 1 am now and your ma is still clearing up some bits and pieces of things. Anyway, I don’t have to wake up so early tomorrow because class starts at 10am. Still I am too busy to even switch on the TV or look out my window.

(my latest video on Kugan, please leave some comment on your feelings after watching it)

I got a piece of good news. Today, we are pleasantly surprised that we do get rewarded for the videos we made. I must put an open disclaimer that prior to this, I didn’t know about the $$. When I made all those videos earlier, it never crossed my mind that we do get a small sum of money for them. I know some people may think that I was greedy and made over 30 videos in a short span of 2 months. I made those videos because I believe in the issues or the causes. Yayaya, I actually do not need to explain but I want to because I don’t want some people to think dunno what mah….The amount is more than enough to cover the cost of my video camera but not enough to buy an iPhone. However, my dear husband said, ‘Buy lah’ when I told him. See? I so lucky hor?

I think I better go to sleep now. We are going to attend narrative journalism by Janet Steele, a professor. Oh ya, I have also completed a written article and had submitted it to the editor. Wow, scary man…..I wonder if he will summon me down to the editorial floor to get some shellings? Nay…he is awfully nice, I think. It is an honour to get to produce written articles and submit to the top editor for editing. Even if my piece never gets online, at least it give me courage that I had my work checked by them.

Okok, sleep now.

3 thoughts on “Workaholic at work

  1. Hi 5XMa,

    I am very proud of you. Don’t know what else to say about what you have achieved, but (tears welling) you are the bravest mom I know online and in person. Even some macho politicking men can deliver what they said. My exemplary figure to look up to when I am down. Keep up your bravery and good job.

    Agnes Tan´s last blog post..Marvellous Makan Month May 2009

  2. Good video. I can feel how frustrated the Kugan’s family are.
    As for the money for the video, I think that is fair enough to compensate the CJ’s time and effort.
    Keep up the momentum Lilian and other CJs…

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