Dear Sons

You know your mader lah…..She can get lost in MidValley’s toilet. She can get lost in Komtar carpark. And today, she even managed to get lost in a taxi.

So, I am supposed to meet someone at St. Francis Xavier’s church in PJ. I thought I know where it is. So, hop on a taxi, tell the Malay taxi driver, itu gereja dekat Assunta. Cheh….so confident, kan?

I got to Assunta alright…but that’s not SFX! It is Assumption Church. Doh….poor taxi man gotta ran down from his taxi and cross a road to ask an Indian woman for direction.


Meter showed RM7.50. And lucky the Indian lady knows where is SFX. So, taxi man took me to SFX. Meter now shows RM9.90.


**here private chat with sons, only, ok?*

And you know lah..biasalah…go to Catholic church macam like going to funeral likedat. No one look at you. No one smile at you. And though I was fumbling around the shelves, wondering if I need to take the hymn books and such, no one comes to help this stranger too.

So, mass was ok because the hymns are about the same as our CHS. I didn’t get the name of the priest but I like his homily.

Then, usual lah, mass ended. Mana tau…the commentator suddenly said, “Do we have anyone who is here for the first time?” I pun terlompat because must be truthful mah. They asked me to stand up. Adoi….malu nyerrrrrrr…The whole church gave the welcome lah. All clap lah. So, I thought when mass ended, people sure come by and ask this stranger where I hail from. Tarak punnnn….semua buat tak nampak juga.

Moral of the story, always carry a smile to church.