One day, we were given 2 hours to go out and shoot using a new technique. We were broken into groups of two and my partner is Pakcu, who is a football videographer. However, we got lazy and bought one monorail ticket, got into the station and came out less than 30 minutes later. Paham-paham aje lah…tak kan I nak pergi jauh-jauh with a football videographer who doesn’t talk much. Kekok lah…

Then, we were trained to narrate. And that’s what I produced. Quite lame lah, but I am too lazy to go anywhere to shoot anything. I stole my own photos and tambah. Some of my other coursemates went to Petaling Street, Dataran Merdeka and KLCC to take videos. Me? RM1 masuk monorail station next to Malaysiakini’s office. The theme is ‘The KL I see’.

Anyway…my course ends on Monday and we will be coming back at night. It has been a very long, tiring week and I hope I bring back much more skills in journalism and video filming. Today, Sunday, class ended at 9 pm, had dinner at some warong and just got back at 11 pm.

I also met up with an editor of a Catholic news site and may the Lord gives me the wisdom to produce more thought provoking articles about the churches here in Malaysia. Oh ya, I was so happy to eat wantan mee konlou with the editor near SFX. I went back to class and told Jimmy, “Aiyor…. just I ate wantan mee so nice lah….” Cos the few of us Chinese had been eating mamak, indian, mamak, malay, mamak….I didn’t know how Chinese I am until now…..I don’t know I repeated how many times that I ate wantan mee.

I guess I won’t be able to fulfill my wish of eating tai lok meen with real chee-yau-char or Krispy Kreme….Tomorrow’s class ended at 6 pm and we hope to drive back by that time.

Time to pack because I am bringing all my bags and won’t be back here. Yay, tomorrow night, I am going back to my baby! And my bolster. But spending five nights alone here is quite nice too.

So, sons, make sure you all put red carpet to welcome your mader back, ok?

P/S : I found one of my coursemate’s blog. His name is Joash, pronounced as jo-ash. Go visit this young man’s blog. Visit flashes of ashes.