I miss my bolster..

I miss my baby

I miss Penang foods, especially koay teow th’ng

I miss my bolster

I miss my bathroom

I miss my pillow

and in my haste of getting back to the things I missed, I accidentally left a bag of clothes in Jimmy’s car. Doh….

Just got back at 1.30 am because Jimmy was assigned to cover the Mohan Singh’s case and he only returned to Malaysiakini at 7.30 pm. So, Natasja and I had to keep the poor man awake through the journey by taking turns to talk to him.

And folks, I was given Malaysiakini’s fellowship. It comes with some terms, contract and to be on-call when necessary. It is an honour and thank you, dear sifu Maran. Three of us from the Penang batch were chosen, i.e. Jimmy, Shan and I. Does it make any difference, fellowship or not? Nay….regardless, I am still passionate about making videos that help the community and improve our society.

Nite nite, if I didn’t konk out, tomorrow (actually 8 hrs from now) I am going to the one year celebration of Penang’s status as UNESCO heritage site as a citizen journalist. Gee…one year ago, I was stalking CM and one year later, I am on the mailing list of his press conference. (the list only goes to all the editors and reporters from the media)

I don’t know why but I have a feeling that the orange t-shirts are going to join the CM in the party. That’s why I want to go…

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  1. Everything seems to be nicer and smell good when we are back home, right? Remember to take some good rest too. The weather don’t seem to be very good nowadays. I found the old folks home liau at P.Ramlee Road. Wanna go with me one of this day?

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