lim guan eng

CM Lim Guan Eng announced 7th July as a public holiday to celebrate Penang’s status as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Well…from next year onwards…Not today, ok?


So, I went to the event at Dewan Bandaraya. Being the noob that I am, I thought it is some event out in the field on a hot day, at 10 am….Doh…So, I wore a t-shirt and an old jeans, plus slippers. (remember my clothes were left in Jimmy’s car last night?)

But alamak, I didn’t know Dewan Bandaraya is the Town Hall and it is an elegant, majestic building with awesome interior. And everyone wore suits. OMG, wrong clothes for the wrong place. Never mind…who cares…..right?


Then, I tried to place my camera tripod. NTV 7 asked me to shift to RTM’s side because he said when he pans, I will block him. I went to RTM, RTM asked me to belakang sikit. But we are in the ‘industry’ together, I must listen to all the ‘bang’ (abang, I call them), you see. Can you see how small my camera is? I also don’t care, used to it already.


The outside of the building. Really nice. Too bad the sun was freaking hot, so I didn’t get the ‘cloud moving fast-fast’ technique we learned during our course.


Here comes the main point of my post. No, the Penang gets a holiday is not the main point. There is a launching of the Georgetown heritage passport. So, the VIPs went up to the stage. There are lots of photogaphers, videographers and reporters down below.

(the above video is not my official ONE, ok? Just play-play only. It is a raw clip. WATCH OUT AT 1:40)

Everyone is jostling. Some body ordor is about to kill me. The videographers are mostly men, without boobs. So, there was this poor me…I have a back-pack at the back, so that part is safe from body contact. But left and right, the men were pushing. We videographers cannot afford to get moved, unlike photographers. You can take a photo again. But for us, the shot will be jumpy (and our editors in Malaysiakini are going to scream that we give them headaches with our jumpy videos)

And I have boobs. And I have to hold my video camera on mono-tripod, i.e. all the three legs folded up because there is simply no space. That means I must hold my camera really steady but at the same time, I also do not want some fella go elbow into my errm…you know…Because when you lift up both your arms to hold the camera steady… get the idea?


Everyone gets frantic when the mock-up huge passport was about to be opened/flipped open and signed by the CM. Everyone wants the main angle, frontal view. And they pushed further. Well, I am not amused and couldn’t be bothered because there is the body odor, invading elbows and lots of ugly men all around.


And jeng jeng jeng….The CM re-positioned the passport, turned to my direction and asked really loud, from the stage, “OK? Lilian, ?” and I replied “OK!….” And he opened the page, signed and the end….