Did I tell you my place almost flood just now? Well, by the time I made this video and threatened to post on Youtube, the rain stopped. See? Even the rain and storm are afraid of me. You know lah…like how Jesus calmed the storm by telling it to stop. All I need is to tell the flood to stop or else I will post on Youtube and tell my ADun of Air Putih.

BTW, Najeeb is our neighbour, ok? Not seditious, ok? I live next to a money changer who is very, very rich one. Got plasma TV, nice Honda….and if we didn’t alert him, his car would be damaged twice already. *ahemm…*

2 thoughts on “Al-banjiri

  1. I never thought that this kind of flood can happen in Penang. Your son has inherited your sense of humour, I think I overheard him negotiating with you to skip school…

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