During our citizen journalism class back in January, I chose this topic as my writing assignment. I am all for studying Maths and Science in English because these are international subjects and it will be silly for our children to translate to and fro if we study them in our own language. I know because I studied Fizik, Kimia, Biologi dan Matematik Tambahan.

I was the first batch of guinea pigs. Anyway, I failed miserably in these subjects except Biologi because I was never good at numbers. Either way, I would have failed so I cannot blame the language.

Then, my eldest son had to study Maths and Science, first in BM and then, switched to English when he was in Form One, I think. I believe it is not an easy transition because there is a vast difference in the languages. For him, he could manage because he has a father who can deal with his questions. Then, the other son also studied in BM till Form One and switched to English. The third one entered Standard One and started using English.

Now, my youngest will enter Standard One next year and he definitely will study in English because there isn’t time to print the books. But….I am pretty sure some morons up there are going to change their minds and make him switch from English to BM when he reaches Form One or maybe earlier.

So, do I care? Not anymore. We live in this crappy country where the education system changes with the Minister of Education. I remember the crap call Bahasa Baku formulated by Anwar where words are pronounced with those funny accents emphasizing the ‘a’. Then, he was out of the cabinet and political scene and Bahasa Baku disappeared.

Now, let’s flash back to what Brother Paul Ho, the retired headmaster of St. Xavier said about the teachings of Science and Mathematics :

And frankly, Chinese parents who send their children to Chinese medium school stand to lose out the most. The urban children probably have no problems with English and Bahasa Malaysia. But a majority is so comfortable with their Mandarin, they will turned out hopeless in conversing in English and Bahasa Malaysia.

Me? Who gives a shit anymore? It is hopeless. We are dictated by morons.