WTF? I made a mistake. You mean the Minister of Education, our very honourable DPM is actually proposing…

Explaining the mechanism, Muhyiddin said reversion to the Malay-language policy will be carried out in stages in Year One and Year Four in primary schools and Form One and Form Four in secondary schools beginning 2012.


Stupid or what? You send a kid to Year One to Year three studying in English and then, you switch the poor kid to Bahasa Malaysia?

And the batch of students who had been studying nine years of Science and Maths in English, like my #3 son who is born in 1996, have to change to Bahasa Malaysia when they go to Form Four?

Use your brains lah….how can you say the switch was not effective when the students, like my eldest son who was born in 1990 have not even gone into the work force. He is in college but students his age just entered Matriculation or Upper Six. How can you gauge it from just examinations results?

Now I am pissed. My two younger sons are going to suffer this drastic change due to our stupid Ministry. My #3 son has to make the switch at Form Four and my youngest at Standard Three.

I thought the Minister who is also our DPM would have the common sense to only start the kids from year one from 2012. But sigh…I am wrong. I didn’t know we are really rule by morons.