Use your blainss…

WTF? I made a mistake. You mean the Minister of Education, our very honourable DPM is actually proposing…

Explaining the mechanism, Muhyiddin said reversion to the Malay-language policy will be carried out in stages in Year One and Year Four in primary schools and Form One and Form Four in secondary schools beginning 2012.


Stupid or what? You send a kid to Year One to Year three studying in English and then, you switch the poor kid to Bahasa Malaysia?

And the batch of students who had been studying nine years of Science and Maths in English, like my #3 son who is born in 1996, have to change to Bahasa Malaysia when they go to Form Four?

Use your brains lah….how can you say the switch was not effective when the students, like my eldest son who was born in 1990 have not even gone into the work force. He is in college but students his age just entered Matriculation or Upper Six. How can you gauge it from just examinations results?

Now I am pissed. My two younger sons are going to suffer this drastic change due to our stupid Ministry. My #3 son has to make the switch at Form Four and my youngest at Standard Three.

I thought the Minister who is also our DPM would have the common sense to only start the kids from year one from 2012. But sigh…I am wrong. I didn’t know we are really rule by morons.

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  1. Changing at standard 3 is still ok, changing at form 4 is pure stupid. I am no longer a student, but I can imagine how stupid it is, studying form 1 to form 3 in English and all of sudden have to change all the terms again. It will do nothing but confusion.

    All the best to your kids man.

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  2. Its just plain stupid to do it that way. I wonder what is he thinking. Does he even know the impact on those who studied 9 years in English?

    When I was in college, I had a hard time in my maths and chemistry classes. I had to re-learn things while those who came from International school had it easy. I remember I told the lecturer “KUPRUM”. He later corrected me, its call COPPER. Duh!

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  3. My sentiments too. When I read further about his plans(exactly as the quote you pasted up there), my jaw dropped. Initially I thought those who escape that 2012 thingy can continue in English all the way…guess that is not how it work 🙁

  4. WMD – yalor, me too. The worst is my #3 son who is going to suffer big time cos he is very weak in BM in the first place.

    che-cheh – Not that I have option lo

    #2 – Good excuse for #3 to flunk his SPM LOL

    kee sit – That’s why lor, the terms are all so different. And like Bro Paul said, if they learn in English, they can absorb so much education from documentaries on Astro.

    vincent – Ya, plain stupid idea just to please those rabid protestors using patriotism and their ketuanan.

    yen – The more I think, the angrier I am. I thought it is only starting in 2012 for Year one but now, the major switch for the kids. And both of mine have to face it.

  5. Bryan – And hor…actually switching back to BM/mother tongue, is a disadvantage lor to them lor. Cos Chinese sipek good in Maths and now in Mandarin, Chinese will leap ahead lor. If in English, still on level playing rounds. Maybe they never thought of this point leh?

  6. Wahahaha, I just remembered, when this batch of experiments get their SPM results, I think suddenly the MOE will revert back to English and fuck us up again.

    All science subjects fail because the form 4, 5 students lose all basics learnt in 9 years and needs to relearn and puke everything back out in 2 years. Malaysia memang boleh fail.

    Idiots don’t realize that by doing this, they just screwed Malaysia again. The proffesional working force will be reduced greatly because of the switch. Results will be crap and not many will be able to cope in colleges and universities.

    The MAN is still being ignorant and arrogant thinking that all there is in the world is BM. It is hardly even recognized for fucks sake. And all those students here will rot here whereas the select/smart few will move out to find better oppotunities just because of the result of the switch.

  7. the second I saw the DPM when Najib became the PM. I said… this DPM is a 100% total gone case liau…

    totally uncharismatic, can’t dress and can’t talk properly in english.

    GOD saves us all if he becomes the PM!!!!!

    if ther were to teach all in Malay, i will say fine…i’ll get english tuition for my children, as a parent, I hav the right
    if they were to teach all in English, I might say…. you finally made the right decision for ONCE,,,,

    Now, he say… half here, half there….. I definitely say…. niamah-leh, don toy with my children’s future!.

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  8. This gives a lot of opportunities for tuition centre to give lesson in the second language to prepare for the upcoming years. wah, i think maybe i go back m;sia to open one!

    But, have they make up their mind yet?

  9. I am so disgusted with the decision. My daughter will be one of those affected. Her foundation in Maths and Science will be in English, then when she goes to Form 1, she has to relearn everything in BM. It’s just plain ridiculous, but I guess it’s ok for the the politicians who all send their kids to international schools. Leave people like us to deal with the problem right? Nothing got to do with them.

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  10. I think he just talk “kosong” without consulting the proper educators. Just to grab headlines.They will do like when they first switch from BM to English. Start from scratch.Anyway nothing is finalized. I was thinking how much money is spent when they switch from BM to English. The English and Maths and Sc teachers will surely get pissed off coz they were paid more than normal teachers now.

  11. “Pls go to Tun Mahathir’s blog & VOTE whether u want teaching of Sc & Maths in Eng. Tun is strongly supporting Eng & is willing to convey yr message to the Govt. So, pls go to & speak yr mind. Strike while the iron’s hot! Do it today for the sake of our kids! TQ. Pls pass this message to as many ppl as possible. We need the support. Tks.”

    I got this Text early this morning. This could be our only hope. Let’s give him the bullet and let’s see what the old man can do.

  12. This is how bureaucratic works. LOL. Honestly, this keep happens again and again in the pass 50 years. Just because it happens in other field, it doesn’t mean it is not there : immature policies changes/implementation is EVERYWHERE.

    The “change” are drastic because MoE are lazy to think how to plan. Same laziness happens when they start the whole mess. When it start, lots of rural school teacher are NOT ready. You sons are lucky because they have a mum to guide them. And in rural areas, and family with busy parent, children are not so lucky to get guide in the transition.

    And the “switch back” are not a reset button either.

    Honestly, IMHO, MoE just don’t get it, and they REFUSE to admit that they are INCOMPETENT in education, and they know nuts about education. Education is about teaching the people how to think.

    And current Malaysia education is a replicate of British Colonisation system. I must remind everyone that, Malaysia education system is NOT following British education system, but a education system mean for British colonise the country. It is obvious because the system DON’T CARE whether children can follow up or not. The system DON’T CARE to open the mind of children. The system are mean to screen and select portion of “passing” people to SERVED to colonial master. And the remaining will be on their own.

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  13. They teach us only to vomit back out everything you learnt in 11 years of ‘education’ in about a month. It is even worse when you have different languages shoved down your throat.

    Most students now are mindless zombies. All they know is how to repeat things word for word. No brains to think, no, our system does not teach us to think, it teaches us to memorize, that’s all. Look at Civics and Moral, you have to get your answers word-for-word by the book or you don’t get marks. In the end, the essence of learning and understanding it is lost, instead you just memorize words, meaningless words. Hmm, maybe that’s where the brainless people will end up, running our country.

  14. Aiyah.. we cannot understand stupid people one la…

    We cannot understand how they can come up with stupid reasons such as rural students cannot cope and therefore it is better to switch back to BM so that the gap between rural and urban students will not widen!

    We cannot understand how these stupid ones can come up with that 2012 year and why some start the switch at Form 4 and some at standard 3.

    Sigh.. like that la.. stupid people governing us, making decisions for us.. thats why la.. produce all the setengah masak students la. Than these setengah masak students become teachers and they say they cannot speaking the england lor. You see the cycle!

    You fedup, I damn tulan! Now I gotta think of ways to make more money to send my ah girl overseas ASAP! I damn bo hua hee I tell you…

  15. I am all bloody farking pisssed too! Who is the stupid idiot that came out with this stupid idea. Like you, my eldest is in Form 2 now and second is in Std 2, so you imagine 3 years down the road, they must re-learn themselves to switch to Bahasa again. I mean what is the “hang” up about lossing our Bahasa in the first place? I mean there are other subjects being taught in BM right? So, then we still have BM being taught and students will not loose touch of our National language right? How in the world can a DPM be so clueless to the long term implications and effect this will have on our future generations! How in the world can PM and DPM dare to open their loud mouth and claim Malaysians to be competitive when they can’t even talk and communicate properly in the future! Chiak Sai!!!! KNN!!! We have a bunch of monkey toying with our childrens future!!! KNN!!!

  16. time to check out costs for sending your kids to international schools..!!

    and oh, i think the reason they chose the year 2012 is perhaps becoz of GE13 ??

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  17. Talking about this matter, I seepeh tulan also. They really no brain. Sudah flush into the toilet kah? Hey, we are talking about education leh not any game leh. Suka suka BM then suka suka change to English no lagi shiok shiok change to BM again. MCH, we parents also can go gila round the marry-go-round. They think our kids are their experiment stuff kah. Aiyoh!!! Tulan until cannot say liau!!!!

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  18. It’s riduculous and absurd reverting maths & sc this way. Those affected most would be those kids entering form 4 in 2012, like my boy. How is my boy going to cope with a sudden change in form 4 and taking SPM the following year? only an inconsiderate person would do this. PPSMI hasn’t finished its full circle yet and its already branded a major disaster. Where are the pros in our education system? Don’t they know that robbing the fishing rod which has just been newly made before it could be used from a kid is merciless and inhuman. Now everything has gone into the drain, the money, time and effect. And our kid’s future is at stake here.

  19. Wonder what would be the response from teacher…teacher also penang kepala la…

    I myself learnt fizik, kimia, matematik tambahan back in the 90s’, just wonder how the class in conducted in? In English nowadays? i am assuming a lot of teachers are about my age, and if i am to teach the class in English while back then i was learning in Malay…my lidah will pa-kat ler…

    Vise versa…a few years later, those who learnt in English will be teaching in BM…

    ..what the heck?

  20. Sze Min is right. I am in the same boat with her. I studied everything in BM and now I have to switch to English. Luckily, my English is slightly better than BM and that’s why I enjoy my teaching now.

    I am thinking that Government should let the teachers vote. They never ask our opinions. They simply implement things and then, they want us, the teachers to make it works.

    Sometimes, things don’t work that way. I love PPSMI but the way of implementing it at the first place is wrong. Totally wrong. They should had started it only for the Year 1 students. Not Form 1 and Lower 6. How do you expect the students to learn when they do not have the basic English foundation?

    Boon Kheng is right. The government is cutting the tree before it bears fruit. They should have waited for the first badge of students who studied Science and Maths in English since year 1 to finish, at least their Form 5 education. Not switching it at this stage. It is really not fair for the students and teachers.

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