Say hi to my little Italian chef, made of pancake, two blackcurrants, one raisin and a dollop of McD’s grape jam.

pancake with maple syrup

A stack of Made-in-the-5xmom-kitchen pancakes. Cost? Two eggs, two cups of flour, two cups of UHT milk and some sugar, salt, olive oil, bicarbonate soda. Maybe under RM3 for the pancakes which are enough to feed the whole family.


The #2 son with his signature zit on the nose like a witch.

Nothing homey-ier than fresh, hot, fluffy pancakes with your choice of toppings. Be it melting butter, maple syrup or jam. Enjoy it with a pot of fresh brewed English tea with a touch of lemon and honey.

It has been raining since I woke up and now, I am on flood watch. Thank God there is no high tide so there is no flood. Now, I am waiting for my boat people congee to cook. My hubby is going to say I am mad to cook ‘moey’ (porridge) on a rainy day because it is going to make him pee the whole night. But I just need to have boat people congee. Why call it boat people? Because the war refugees used to cook whatever they can get their hands on when they were in a boat, escaping from Vietnam (I think). My porridge has dried oysters, dried scallops, dried fish (cha hu or wood fish), century eggs, canned peanuts in soy sauce and fresh pork.