I met up with Tan Hoon Cheng just now because I left my MP3 recorder/player at the press conference in Dewan Sri Pinang. Her Samsung MP3 is identical to mine and I am glad she took it with her to her office. I was at the CM’s office in Komtar and only recalled I forgot about the MP3.

Tan Hoon Cheng, in case you all cannot remember is the Sin Chew reporter who was detained under ISA because Syed Hamid Albar wanted to ‘protect’ her. She is the one who reported on the Chinese is migrant remarks. Anyway, she is pretty, very sweet and such a friendly person. I am just speechless what kind of crap she had to go through just because Syed Hamid ‘wanted to protect’ her.

So, back to the press conference at Dewan Sri Pinang, I was outside the conference room with Maran and Jimmy, our Malaysiakini-ICFJ trainer. We were chatting when I saw the Kampung Buah Pala’s resident association chairman who was having a private chat in the room with the CM. I grabbed my camera and ran into the room again. I set down my tripod on low and kneeled down.

There are lots of reporters around and video cameramen as well. So, in order not to obstruct those giant RTM cameras, I thought, why not just kneel on the carpet floor? Jimmy was there too so I thought my recording is not going to be used.

Then, we have the VIPs like the CM, his two DCMs, Excos and Kg Buah Pala’s chairman sitting in a row. They were getting ready to give an important press statement. Earlier, the CM and the chairman had a private talk so we were all waiting to hear what has transpired.

I think all the reporters, photographers and videographers are waiting with bated breath to hear CM talk…..

The room was hushed. CM was sitting on the sofa, looking up the videographers, photographers and reporters crowding around him. Look left, look right….

“Is everyone here? Everyone ready with your recorder?”

So, there were murmurs that they are ready. And this little CJ was kneeling still, quietly, at a corner.

“Wait…where is Lilian?”


My video is up on Youtube – It is call Kampung Buah Pala – Sorry.