Catholic churches being spied on?

I got several email forwards about the incident where a journalist and his friend from Al Islam monthly magazine purported went into two Catholic churches to investigate if there is any apostasy.

Being a citizen journalist, a Catholic and also a contributor to UCAN (a Catholic news website for Asia), I feel it is my responsibility to find out if the claim is true. I got in touch with my church member, Joachim and his colleague, Stanley.

I made a video which I have taken a lot of care in producing because things like these are terribly sensitive in our country.

The video is as above. It is also on and so far garnered 8,000 + views since it was uploaded this morning. And the article in UCAN is here. The article in UCAN has been nicely edited. It is my first article. The credit really goes to Jesus Christ. Seriously…I really cannot write such article if not for divine intervention. Of course, the editor has polished it. And how does a site like UCAN can find me to contribute articles from Malaysia? Again, divine intervention because the guy is living in Bangkok but he met me when I was in KL the other day.

Anyway…I praise God and give Him all the glory for what I am doing. Amen!