Actually, it is yesterday (Monday) but I have been busy editing videos so I didn’t managed to blog.  So, I will just live in Monday eventhough it is already Tuesday.   Today, I went to the CM’s office with Maran and Jimmy.  Maran is our trainer from Malaysiakini but famously known as the guy who interviewed Manohara and left his heart in Jakarta.  LOL.

Maran’s original intention was to ask the CM about Kampung Buah Pala.  However, Mr. Sugumaran appeared suddenly and we thought our original plan of having the exclusive interview is probably diverted.  Then again, the CM said we are lucky to have such coincidences.  He shared with Maran about the dilemma and why he cannot make certain decisions eventhough his heart is on the villagers.


While the interview was going on, I took photos with my DSLR. And I forced Jimmy to take photo of me with my own DSLR while I was toying with the D5000 belonging to someone else. It is not often one gets to have exclusive interviews with the CM, you know?


I cannot believe how I can get such opportunity to arrange for interview with the CM. (yes..it is me, me, me who managed to coax the CM to agree, with the help of some trusted aides) Probably, God plans it that way. I am fearless and damn convinced that he will say yes. And he did!


Actually, the CM is really a funny guy. He has such a big heart for the people and it is rather sad that the media has painted such image of him.

After Maran finished interviewing him, I told the CM, “Wait…I want to be in the video, I got one question to ask you.” So, he graciously sat down and wait for me to jump into the video frame and sat down next to his seat. And I asked him about citizen journalism…See? I told you I got very thick skin, right?


However….seriously, I am thankful that the CM gave us this opportunity to better understand him. Thank you, CM.