Lim Guan Eng : We are not the BAD BOYS!

The video by Maran Perianen from Malaysiakini is online. He had the exclusive interview with YAB CM Lim Guan Eng on Monday. They talked about various topics like Kampung Buah Pala, teaching of science and mathematics and also CM’s so-called luxurious bungalow (which Gerakan is kicking up a fuss).

The video is only available for Malaysiakini’s subscribers. So, go and sign up a subscription with Malaysiakini lah. Aiyor…only RM20 per month.

Meanwhile, I have also put up a video on Kampung Buah Pala. Do watch it and notice how Abdul Rashid has said, “adik beradik kita yang bela lembu”….I tell you, I feel that it is not a polite way to refer to the villagers there. Not all of them rear cows. If I am a villager there, I will ask him if he is insinuating anything. And the way he described the kampung as a goldmine and how glorious the civil service managed to grab the land is just soooo…sickening. Yet, sadly, none of the villagers want to hold him, Koh Tsu Koon and the previous government responsible.

Not that I am the self-declared #1 fan of CM Lim Guan Eng, but really….it is just so unfair to put all the blame, pressures, demands and bad light on CM LGE. I feel kind of ker-lian (kesian) when CM Lim said, “That’s our ultimate responsiblity….the 1.5 million Penangites.”

CM Lim has said it so clearly that no one can go against the Federal Court order of demolishing the 23 houses without compensation. Yet, he is willing to try to get ex-gratia of RM200K per house for the villagers affected. And they are looking into all avenues to stop the demolition.

I pray tomorrow the villagers will turn up to see him, minus the tension of demanding to bring their legal adviser. I hope the villagers will come to their senses and just spend that few minutes alone in a private meeting with the CM and hear what he has to tell them. Anyway, I am going to cover the event as a citizen journalist.

8 thoughts on “Lim Guan Eng : We are not the BAD BOYS!

  1. Actually I am still a little fuzzy on what is going on with Kg Buah Pala. Why are the villagers so angry with current State Government when these issues were brought about from previous State Government? I understand they want CM LGE to use his authority/power to help the villagers but using high handed tactics will mean than current and previous State Government no differences loh. Is that what they really want? To close one eye when one sees fit? I also don’t understand why Hindraf also got so nasty, don’t they realize they are “burning the tent” that is trying to sort out the issues/SHIT left over from BN, they seem to forget who’s the good guy and bad guy. This is a very worrying sign. You know like “chow for yup morr”…….(run fire enter evil).
    Hmmm, we might need a priest to go and exorcise them….

  2. Bryan – Just yesterday, Teng Hock Nan also act stupid and insisted the land was sold during LGE’s time. Come on, they think we all stupid issit…..

  3. i wonder, who will be the majority owners of the future condos ?and what’s wrong in bring the lawyer? the arrogant person here seems to be the CM.

    ‘toolan – Who knows…Some things are better left unsaid online’

    indeed,you think penang indian are naive about the chinese ,a lot of indians in penang can understand hokkien and canto very well,so spare me the bullshit!!!

    funny,Gerakan and Dap ,two chinese race base party are still screwing the indians.this is what will happen and worse if the chinese runs this country.the middle kingdom bullshit still exists in the minds of the malaysian , indians next time vote pkr or pas.

  4. Hmm….

    Puto: Pls understand this, I don’t think Chinese is screwing indians up, just because the State Government makes a decision that did not quite go along your tune you think you get screwed! Goodness, what kind of mentality is this. What BN did to this country for 50 years, that is what it means getting screwed. This new State Government only came in less than 2 years for goodness sake, they are just beginning to get the feel of things and flow and you think they screwed the Indians. Pls think with your head and not your mind, why need to get personal…..

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