The video by Maran Perianen from Malaysiakini is online. He had the exclusive interview with YAB CM Lim Guan Eng on Monday. They talked about various topics like Kampung Buah Pala, teaching of science and mathematics and also CM’s so-called luxurious bungalow (which Gerakan is kicking up a fuss).

The video is only available for Malaysiakini’s subscribers. So, go and sign up a subscription with Malaysiakini lah. Aiyor…only RM20 per month.

Meanwhile, I have also put up a video on Kampung Buah Pala. Do watch it and notice how Abdul Rashid has said, “adik beradik kita yang bela lembu”….I tell you, I feel that it is not a polite way to refer to the villagers there. Not all of them rear cows. If I am a villager there, I will ask him if he is insinuating anything. And the way he described the kampung as a goldmine and how glorious the civil service managed to grab the land is just soooo…sickening. Yet, sadly, none of the villagers want to hold him, Koh Tsu Koon and the previous government responsible.

Not that I am the self-declared #1 fan of CM Lim Guan Eng, but really….it is just so unfair to put all the blame, pressures, demands and bad light on CM LGE. I feel kind of ker-lian (kesian) when CM Lim said, “That’s our ultimate responsiblity….the 1.5 million Penangites.”

CM Lim has said it so clearly that no one can go against the Federal Court order of demolishing the 23 houses without compensation. Yet, he is willing to try to get ex-gratia of RM200K per house for the villagers affected. And they are looking into all avenues to stop the demolition.

I pray tomorrow the villagers will turn up to see him, minus the tension of demanding to bring their legal adviser. I hope the villagers will come to their senses and just spend that few minutes alone in a private meeting with the CM and hear what he has to tell them. Anyway, I am going to cover the event as a citizen journalist.