Stupid people are a waste of oxygen

This is a woman’s rant. You all men go far far to play. Don’t kacau.

Since I ran out of things to write, lemme tiu a few things/people/old hags/old men/just about everything and anything, ok?

These are all randoms. I could be tiu-ing you too, you know?

1) Self-made tycoons are to be respected. Self-bought Natok titles are superficial, hypocritical, si peh lansi and total waste of metal to make that piece of medal. I mean, come on! We are all grown men and women, do we really need to get our stars as rewards?

2) Some old hags are just plain pain in the arse. I have this old hag of a neighbour. She is fifty, everyone knows that. And she looks older than that. Much much older than that. So, the other day, my housekeeper had a conversation with her and they happened to talk about age. And that old hag insisted she is the same age as me. KNN, MCB, at home no mirror issit? Need me to buy one for you or not? I am only 44 years old. Six more years and I am still 100 years younger looking than you lah.

3) Big picture people like me makes bad journalist. I cannot wait for people to finish their sentences, usually. You know hor, yesterday we attended one PC with plastic manufacturers association members. I was informed in advance so I grabbed a leaflet from Sunshine Farlim. So, I am well prepared. Then, this spokesperson for the group said ‘If I say paper is as bad as plastic, do you all agree?’ Or something like that lah. Then, total silence. At first I don’t want to talk lah. But since no one responded and he said, “are you all too afraid to say anything?” Niamah…I pun opened my big mouth. I said, “Of course not, it is universally accepted (or truth) that plastic is bad, paper is good” Cos they wanted to ask the Penang State Gov. to stop the “No plastic bags Monday” campaign.

So, he went on and on how plastic is good. And I got bored, so I jumped in and interrupted him by asking him, “Are the plastic manufacturers association doing their part in educating the public and bring awareness to us about this point?” See? I prepared my question earlier. Tiu, how much have they spent on corporate social responsibility?

Then, he bla bla bla about how plastic is made of one part methane, hydrogen, bla bla bla organic decomposition yadda yadda yadda until the CM cut him off again. CM said, “I think all the reporters here don’t understand what you just said. What osmosic, anarobic, aerobics” LOL.

(from this point, it is just to tiu some people, not related anymore to the plastic story)
You see, boys and girls, big picture people like me already see a whole picture even before you finished explaining things. So, don’t be jeles that I seem to be doing more than you. That I have more substance than you. That’s because I went out of my way to learn, to experiment and to try my luck. You leh? Sit there whole day kapsiao about me being a show off. I got things to show off, so I mah show off lor. You dare come and tell it in my face. And see what I do with you. Otherwise, don’t blardy bitch behind my back. And that’s not enough. Back stabbed me with poison letters somemore. Niamah.

4) Then hor, yesterday, I see that I had done the right thing in not working 10 years ago. I had seen enough of rich families living with all sorts of problems. 10 years ago, I stopped because I don’t want to have money but not enough time to spend with my kids. Money is superficial, makes life harder. I saw all those glittering natok, natin with their shimmering sequined baju kebayas and etc and I am just so glad that I no longer work for people like those.

5) Today, I was really hungry after a PC at the CM’s office. Nay, that Kampung Buah Pala issue again. Tiu, every day also got story, never ends one. I tulan ledi, I just made a video that says their drama is like Bollywood. Sei lor, dunno they can throw stones at me or not hor? It was already 2.40 pm so I beh tahan and stopped for CKT. Hungry mah, so I ordered extra prawns with duck’s eggs. Fuyoh, they gave me six large, huge, besar, big prawns. And I just realised that after I stopped my Mt. Miriam pastoral care as a volunteer, I had been longing to have the chance to eat alone like this. You may think it is crazy but being alone is a luxury for me. I don’t get that chance so often. This morning, a nun talked to me about something. Now, I am wondering if I can go to Yangon, Myanmar? I want to travel alone! Wow, imagine taking 2 weeks off from mothering duty, and go to a place like that with my camera. *go prays hard hard*

Damn, this is good. I must blog like this more often. You like?

11 thoughts on “Stupid people are a waste of oxygen

  1. Like. I want to tiu some entity (let’s just be vague) like that sometimes too. But for many, self-censorship seems like a more prudent choice. Anything (bad)from one’s brain that is translated into words and put online, will just be like directing a gun to one’s own head, and someone else’s finger to the trigger. Your post probably won the hearts of those with deprived id selves. Waiting for the day when my priority in life changes, when my life satisfaction ratings do not depend on other’s appraisal of me, because that’s when I can address any residual/current anger with impunity. Way to go!

  2. LM – Wuah, you think too much. Releks lah…Tiu when needs to. Otherwise, 1) it is bad for your health 2) it is bad for relationship 3) it is being hypocrite

    bryan – It is always there hehehe, just that I no free fark them earlier nia.

  3. yeahhhhh….. i like your tiu-ing. lagi pedasssss lagi bagus, only thn they can wake up! well done lilian!! šŸ™‚

  4. Eh, your post title makes me think of a line in Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen. During a fighting scene Optimus Prime not curse the Decepticons “Waste steel to make you!” meh?

    I’m going through such people, albeit those at my age! Feeling like laying my judgment at those ppl. Some people are just not worth my patience.

    boon khengĀ“s last blog post..MBS Open Day & Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

  5. Yalor, I just got to know that one of a relatively unknown ex-Ms Malaysia/World is also a Latuk (mind you, both herself and her hubby are also Latuk!)

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