The day I sesat into the wrong kawasan

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So….our citizen journalism’s assignment is a series call ‘Rate your ADuns’. Yesterday, one of the CJs in KL told me he has completed the filming in Selayang. Pakcu told me he is editing his interviews with people from Selayang.

That got me into a little bit of ‘kancheong-ness’ because the deadline is 20th July, 2009. Therefore, I took my video camera out this morning and try to get some dramatic shots. I went to Rifle Range flats.

Going into one of Penang’s earliest low cost housing area, densely populated and lower income residential area will be so interesting eh? Right….I got my tripod down, attached my camera and started shooting. Shoot the bus stop, the old folks, the sampah dumps, close up of the signboards…..Shoot here, shoot there…

Finally, I approached a group of old men sitting down under a tree. “Uncle….chui chui si lu lang eh kee-guan? Chit peng si Air Putih boh?” (uncle who is your Adun? Is this Air Putih area?)

Old uncle broke into a smile, revealing his toothless gum…”Mmmmm si lah…chit peng si phak cheng por. Ai puteh ti ho peng.” (no, this is Rifle Range, Air Putih is over there.)

Not satisfied, I asked again. Then, this is under the Paya Terubong area, under Wong?

And doh…I went to the wrong kawasan. I am covering Air Putih first because Paya Terubong area is so huge and it needs a thorough research.

By then, I was hungry already. I saw the hawkers’ centre so I went to makan curry mee and drink kopi-peng. I thought I want to head over to Air Putih market but I got pang-sai ledi. So I came home. Minus any Air Putih residents’ interview.

Come to think of it, I think I no need to go so far to ask for interview. I can interview myself and tell the world if our Air Putih’s ADun is working.

1) Flood problems – Though we know the Jabatan Pengairan has done something, like widening and deepening the monsoon drain, flood is still happening.

2) Traffic problems – I have been meaning to write to MPPP to ask them to make the short stretch of LaSalle road to one way during school hours to ease traffics caused by moron parents.

3) Wi-fi – I have seen the Penang free wifi signal on my computer but why no free wifi yet?

4) And no, I have never seen Lim Guan Eng around Air Putih…. YAB, come lah. And why your service centre is always closed?

Maybe I will try again tomorrow morning. Any Air Putih’s residents willing to tell me the ADun is NOT working? Usually, the people we interview are too polite to criticise. I want to get a balanced views. I am not making ‘Bodek your Adun’ series, ok?

4 thoughts on “The day I sesat into the wrong kawasan

  1. Sekarang talipon bimbit ada GPS. wtf!

    The service centre at my area also always tutup. The person not here also can hire someone to take messages what!!! That is the least they can do for us since we bloody elected them. BN, PKR same lah. MUDAH LUPA!!!

  2. apanama – Nolah, not I get lost but I never check the borderline, I buta-buta got there cos it is just next to where I stay mah. Manatau this one pulak, belongs to Kebun Bunga wtf and not Air Itam. Air Putih lah, Air Itam lah…Now, I go ask the ADun for Air Itam for Air Putih’s boundaries. You can feel my confusion now?

  3. Now i am really confused. Niamah!

    Are you Lilian Chan or Chan Li Lian????? wtf!

  4. Aiyoh, morning morning drink kopi-peng ah? Somemore with curry mee? Sure lah must go poopoo.

    Imagine you have to cover some super duper event then how? We don’t get updated ……. die la.

    No kopi-peng tomorrow morning ok?

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