Wuah, Gerakan Youth, you all very farnie hor?

While the nation is shocked, puzzled, frustrated, angry and flabbergasted with MACC over the mysterious death of Teo Beng Hock, the goons in Penang call Gerakan Youth are bringing the CM’s rented house issue to MACC.

During the exclusive interview with Malaysiakini, we did asked the CM about his ‘luxurious bungalow’ at Jalan Pinhorn. I told the CM, “Hahaha, that area is such an old residential area, not like you are living in the millionaires row.” And the CM said, “Ya….not like I am staying in Jesselton. And I rented that house temporary while the official residence is being repaired.” He explained that termites have damaged part of the Seri Teratai and he doesn’t want to put his children at risk. He reminded us about the death of the teacher who fell when the termites infested school floor gave way.

Gerakan Youth really have bad timing lah. When they started kicking up a fuss over the CM’s house, the very same time Khir Toyo’s Balinese palace was revealed to the media. Now, the very moment they made a report to MACC to investigate, the whole Malaysia have this bad notion about the MACC.

Seriously, H’ng Khoon Leong, spend your time to help the poor. There are many squatters area where you can devote your knowledge, political influence, experience, money to help. Don’t just keep biting on Lim Guan Eng’s tail. Find something new lah. We will be more impressed with Gerakan if you have shown yourself to help the poor, homeless, needy, sick, disabled and weak.

Above video is our first citizen journalists attempt at producing a BM video. Read the responses we get after another video on squatters produced by Jimmy was highlighted by Malaysiakini. The email is from CJ Jimmy (the man’s voice is his, the woman’s voice is mine, say lah my BM veli gud).

Hi all,

I was informed this morning by one of the squatters that a malay
newspaper Sinaran Harian has a story on their plight yesterday (pg 24)
after we have produced the video and write up in Malaysiakini dated 13
June 2009.


After the article was published in Malaysiakini, YB Chow immediately
called the squatters for further dialogue to resolve the problem.
According to the squatters, the meeting is scheduled next week.

Just wanted to say that CJ can make a difference and I am proud to be one.


And H’ng Khoon Leong, we citizen journalists are non-partisan. If your Gerakan Youth wants to do anything good for the community, feel free to contact us. We are ready to help the poor and the needy. But don’t kacau us with kindergarten stuffs like ‘let’s tour Lim Guan Eng’s bangarlow’. We got more important things to do.

Read the comments in MalaysianInsider on the MACC report.

11 thoughts on “Wuah, Gerakan Youth, you all very farnie hor?

  1. Wei H’ng,
    I don’t blame you for doing this, cos Gerakan has nothing to do in Penang cos they lost all their seats. So H’ng wants another case of Teoh Beng Hock by sending LGE to the MACC, another BN people, uneducated morons, who has nothing better to do, go and help the Kampung Buah Pala people loll, afterall it is KTK regime that has cause this issue and ask LGE to eat the dead cat, but this is what BN govermenet is competent at, murder, accused, corrupt, cheats state land and so on, rakyat forget about BN helping the rakyat, the will only help themselevs before they do anything for you.
    Stop be a good boy find something more meaningful and do for the rest of your life, otherwise you may cause another tragedy again if MACC starts to investigate.

  2. This Ah H’ng got nothing to do is it. Nothing to do sampai go back to play budak budak stuff. If you got nothing to do do, come I bring to go help the needy one – the old folks who don’t have proper house to stay, the orphanage that needs lots of help and many more. I agree with Ipohkia said.

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  3. MG!!! – Finally someone tells me. Sigh….I so very the waiting for people to state the obvious. Hahaha.

    Erina – Yalor, they got a lot of influence, and even political weight as opposition mah…Go lah help the poor and then, want to kacau CM, mah kacau lor. Correct or not?

  4. Bryan – Really lame lor…somemore they claimed they get threats not to ruffle feather. Like doh…use some new strategies lah hor?

  5. If too free, can do volunteer work = for the poor, the handicap, the senior citizens… Don’t waste time and resource doing non-value added work. Penang knows who is doing their job and who isn’t!

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