Wuah, four years only?

First, read my 2005 post on Bon Odori. I think I was a better blogger then than now. Now, I am too self-conscious. Back then, I pretty blabbed whatever comes to mind. Back then, I was true-er to myself. I was writing only for a few people. Now, I imagine the kind of nice people who are reading the bad 5xmom. Or the bad people reading the nice 5xmom. Or whatever….

So, back in 2005, I have an envy… I said :

All I wanted was to be right under the stage. Not to take photos but more to observe photographers. And I did observe. ALL photographers with dSLR cameras are MEN. Women use lame camera phones. The world is not fair. There is no equality.

And all canggih cameras have extended flash lights, extended lenses, extended lense protection. And since I don’t have extended pocket, I have to forget my dream of owning that dang piece of dSLR.

A little bit of investigations showed that I was using prosumer Konica DiImage Z3. All 3 mega pixel of it!

Four years later, I have gone on to have two DSLR cameras, three point & shoot cameras and one video camera. Not only that, I get to flash my media card at the sipeh lansi RELA men and I get to go into the cordoned area and up to the stage if I want to. (but I didn’t go up stage lah, thousands of cameras were down there, I don’t want thousands of my big butt photos appear everywhere mah) And please don’t tell my editor, I even get special parking area inside Esplanade because I buat bodoh and told the traffic police “Media, ada jemputan dari Ketua Menteri, boleh masuk?” Hiaks….I am not lying what…I got media tag, I got email from CM’s office.

Somemore got, I get to signal to the CM and get him to look into my video camera and waves like how the 5xmom ordered. Hehehe, these kind of shots are not easy to get you know?

Anyway, I have pretty much a good story angle about Bon Odori. Initially, I wanted to make cultural/religious story but our dear CM has given a nice title to my video. 1HumanRace. Better than 1Malaysia.

And no, I wasn’t stalking the CM, I memang wanted to cover the Bon Odori, for reason known to me only.

3 thoughts on “Wuah, four years only?

  1. You are so right, somehow we act and do things differently during different stages of our lifes! We go from “not afraid of anything” to “think twice” mindset as we grow older……
    I also always ask myself….as men grow older, they become younger….true? Then why so kiasi?? The younger you are, the less kiasi mah, right?

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