Damn…I can’t stand women, how lah?

This is another tiu post because…




I just feel like it. Everywhere else is so sombre. I don’t need more gloom. So, let’s get ranty.

As I am posting this, I am also listening to my iTunes, writing 16 paid posts in one sitting and enjoying the speed of my new PI Wimax. It is fast. But then, it is a one-week free trial so don’t be too quick to follow me and sign up, ok?

I use the Wimax for my iMac and Stimass for my Acer. You know what ah? A 7-min video has been downloaded and finished playing on P1 but it only downloaded 1:25 on Stimass. KNN, you say lah, how?

So, I can’t stand (SOME) women because :

1) They don’t seem to have opinions of their own.
2) They are clueless about the happenings around them.
3) They can’t piece together that injustice they read in the paper will one day affect their children.
4) They resigned themselves to their roles of cooking, cleaning, jaga suami, anak and the routine stuffs.
5) They don’t dare dream, except how many As their kids are going to get.
6) They break at the smallest obstacles.
7) They relied on others (like the husband, mother,kids) for their own happiness.
8 ) They never dare to show their true feelings.

Arggh….I am so unkind. But sometimes, I realise the less I befriend women, the happier I am. They really drive me nuts. I don’t know why but I think I am thankful that I grew up pretty much independent and hence, I wasn’t confine into that mould.
OK, end of rant. Someone or maybe several women have managed to piss me off over the weekend so thank you to them for giving me the inspiration to make a blog post out of it.

OK, for the first time, you all get to watch a video before I post it on Malaysiakini.tv. Usually, I don’t embed them in my blog first, just for novelty, you see. But I think we can all use a little bit of Rasa Sayang for each other. And hey, just because I say I can’t stand women, it doesn’t mean I hate women, ok? I am not freak, ok? It is just that within a certain community, I sometimes cannot give a full blast rant.

Have a good week ahead, you working slaves. I think mine is going to be filled with more Kampung Buah Pala and MACC stories.

7 thoughts on “Damn…I can’t stand women, how lah?

  1. FINALLY!!! Found a guinea pig trying out P1, pls advice us after the 1st week trial okay. I was thinking of switching to P1 few months already but cannot find anyone who have tried it before…..
    Eh, you didn’t tell them you 5xmom meh? Maybe they want you become their ambassador leh?
    I read some over the papers and some said it was good initially, then everything went south…….so you keep us posted yah?
    Aiyah…women very complicated one lah, I am married to one for 17 years now and still I don’t fully understand them…..but like you said, I’am not a freak okay, I don’t hate women okay, not a chauvinist pig okay..

  2. Hey Lilian, been following your blog for sometime already, but this is the 1st time i’ll be commenting. Why God create woman, for sure that is a reason. Woman are chee cha por while man are batu ong. haha. Btw, which payperpost sites you do ? PPP? others?

    Danny´s last blog post..I Come, I See, I Conquer

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