First, I praise and give thanks to God that my #2 son too wasn’t selected for NS. My eldest son too escaped it. I saved three months of worrying. I know my boys are pretty tough and they will not face any problems in NS but NS has that spooky image of being death camps. You know….go in all healthy, come out become corpses? It happens in Malaysia, very often.

I just picked up from MalaysianInsider that our educated education minister is proposing an annual 1 Malaysia camp for students to instil a sense of unity in them.

So, as an educated mother with four sons, may I point out to our educated education minister that one cannot put children into a camp and expect them to be united. First, as a DPM, why not use your influences to tell all the mainstream media to stop fanning racism? Start from the top.

If the monkeys up there on the trees are separating themselves into brown, black and yellow monkeys, how do you think the baby monkeys down on the ground react? If the printed papers read by the adults are talking stupid stuffs, I am sure these parents too parroted the stupid stuffs to their children.

Please read the rest of the article on MI.