Our educated education minister now wants a 1Malaysia camp for students

First, I praise and give thanks to God that my #2 son too wasn’t selected for NS. My eldest son too escaped it. I saved three months of worrying. I know my boys are pretty tough and they will not face any problems in NS but NS has that spooky image of being death camps. You know….go in all healthy, come out become corpses? It happens in Malaysia, very often.

I just picked up from MalaysianInsider that our educated education minister is proposing an annual 1 Malaysia camp for students to instil a sense of unity in them.

So, as an educated mother with four sons, may I point out to our educated education minister that one cannot put children into a camp and expect them to be united. First, as a DPM, why not use your influences to tell all the mainstream media to stop fanning racism? Start from the top.

If the monkeys up there on the trees are separating themselves into brown, black and yellow monkeys, how do you think the baby monkeys down on the ground react? If the printed papers read by the adults are talking stupid stuffs, I am sure these parents too parroted the stupid stuffs to their children.

Please read the rest of the article on MI.

16 thoughts on “Our educated education minister now wants a 1Malaysia camp for students

  1. Aiyo, Lilian, leadership by example mah . May be they think they are not fed enough, they think they are fed peanuts lom so that explains things, Yoiol said, ” I am a MB, you don’t expect me to live in a pondok ” I think may be it is good that BN take over Kelabtan and let them stay in Nik Aziz’s pondok. That is leadershi[ by example

  2. you are sooososososo right! need to put in camp for unity meh? put la some good education system, treat the same, I sure see unity… actually, the one that not unite is THEM not us, the “innocent” citizen!

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  3. This guy can go fly kite as far as I am concern…….how can someone who waves the kris and make all sort of racial remarks be appointed as the Edu. Minister??? Got logic or not?? How to trust someone like this?

  4. toolan – Die liao, you also dunno who is our educated education minister? How lah? Go find out first before you talk about the kris.

  5. how come yr sons can escape fr NS one…i tot every 18 yo has to go experience this NS joke.
    now 1May camp?? what next…. ??? if this is true, I will not hesitate in sticking d biggest tibun up into the ‘O’ of tht brain child!!!

    i went to a boarding school and my 3 room mates are all malays. we didnt know anything abt racism or ketuanan malayu etc etc then….. it’s only when I graduated and wanted to find job in the real world, get mortgage/loans….i began to understand the real meaning of Ketuanan Melayu = blatant racism!

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  6. JT – No la, they all tin-tong-tiang and pick randomly. The new ed ed min is really scary one lor. He hampalang also no need lengthy research, he makes decision like very clever like dat one lor. Like the PPSMI lah, the UPSR lah and now, so clever to implement camps for unity.

  7. On another related note, every year they try to come out with new idea to masuk poket taxpayer money mah. Stop mainstream media from fanning racism tarak untung woh, sure they won’t do wan.

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  8. tin-ton-tiang also can ah….!!! so, if i don wan my dotter to go NS, u knw any contact so tht my dotter’s name mysteriously disappear fr the list…!!!??!!!

    mah tek!!! like tht also can…. just creating more chance for rasuah !!!

    first thing to do if PKR = gorment… scrap this so called NS!

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  9. Shhhhhh… for those who want to save their life, here is the way. Get a government hospital doctor to give medical letter that say not fit to join the death camp. Unless the doctor hates your very much, most will sign it. If otherwise, don’t worry, you can always goes for the next government doctor. Those doctor know something about NS camp casualty records.

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  10. Correct me if I am wrong but it’s Hishammudin right? When he was still the UMNO Youth leader during one of the UMNO assembly, he took the kris out mah! It was on National TV if my memory did not fail me and that really got my goose!
    Unless you mean the previous Education Minister?

  11. toolan – Wuah, lu manyak chialat lor. Hishamuddin is the Home Minister lah, police under him. Muyihiddin the DPM is the educated education minister lah. Adoi….That’s why nowadays, I gwai-gwai don’t kutuk Gomen so much.

  12. My bad……still thinking Hishammuddin! But bottomline…..both of sama sama kaki, they are the same type of people……
    In fact before he became DPM, I thought he was pretty good and cool but after he became DPM and things that came out from his mouth……aiyo beh tiah one!
    Anyway, thank you for correcting me…….see you learn something new everything you come here right?

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