P1 Wimax can go fly kite with their sky high promises

Yesterday night, the new P1 Wimax was great. This morning, it goes downhill.

Here are screenshots of Streamyx :


And here is the super spanking new P1 Wimax which is connected to only one single PC, i.e. my laptop.


I know I can feel how slow P1 Wimax. And the numbers, though not much different, show the same thing.

P1 Wimax is connected with cable, placed near window (the signal strength turned bad if it is a bit further away) and is used by only one computer.

Streamyx is using wireless, Linksys router and TM Net modem, shared by four computers.

So, how now brown cow? Should I return the over hyped P1 Wimax modem to them and suffer with Streamyx for the rest of my life? I have a one week free trial now.

37 thoughts on “P1 Wimax can go fly kite with their sky high promises

  1. Aunty Lilian,

    Which modem you are using? If you are using DV-230 modem, it has wireless function. You can connect it around the house in 50 meter radius.

    If you are using DS-300 modem, you can connect it to a router, same like how you connect to TM’s modem. So, it can be shared with other computers.

    Hope this helps to fix your P1 Wimax problem.

    P.S.: I am the boy who asked you last two weeks either you subscribed to P1. 🙂

    Wai Kar´s last blog post..Wiggy Upload Speed at peak!

  2. Broadband totally FAIL in Malaysia, period.

    Like I said that P1, download ok but upload time….. sigh.

    All my porn site down….. LOL

    The funniest thing is STIMASS homepage loads like a tortoise. How to provide???

  3. I think someone is uhh… eating our line up off the coast. You knowlah, internet bad for rep of certain people mah. So make ppl don’t want to surf internet by giving us crap. Maju konon, tengok Singapura lah bodoh…

  4. Aiyah, so fast already condemning P1 lah, I thought only on the last few post you started trying now already can feel the speed is no good!
    So, bottom line from you is P1 is all talk also lah…….so still have to stick back with Streamyx…..arghhhh!

  5. Was that a fair comment if it is not an apple to apple comparison (in terms of broadband package and hardware connection?
    Wondering whether Lilian is using 2MB Streamyx vs 1.2MB Wimax?

  6. well, i used maxis broadband before. well, no good. Now i shift to P1. My commend for P1 is…just as bad. Limited signal, my 1.2mb can go to around 300kb only, 20% plus minus, just a big lie. so guys, think well before subscribe.

  7. Guys…face it..thr is nothing we can do on the fact that P1 IS THE SUCKEST WIMAX OPERATOR IN MALAYSIA…do not ge trapped in those bullshit gimmick…FUCK OFF WIMAX…the slowest yet uneliable opertor…as soon as my contract expire, will certainly swirch back to celcom….ya lor…do not trust WIMAX…AIYAH REGRET TERMINATE MY CELCOM BROADBAND


  9. pi wimax is slow.

    my contract with streamyx is already over, so i sign up for p1 wimax promotion valid until 19/9/2009 and there is a 7 days trial period, which you can get yr money back within that 7 days. im definately asking for refund.

    p1 wimax is okay if u just want to log in friendster, check emails and browse around the web. since im doing business online, uploading files and pictures in my webbies, uploading a product in my website that ganerally take seconds for streamxy, 25 minutes still havent upload yet with p1 wimax. cant get a single work done with p1 wimax. now utopia also still cannot login.

    quite disappointed, but im glad i havent cut my streamyx yet

    so streamyx still better la wei

  10. Until today they still not yet improve the signal weak problem. Even you call the service center they will told you that our service like Astro, during raining very bad signal. The worse thing is they will request you to put the modem near window, can you imagine if you want good signal you have to put the modem near to window and waiting for outside people to grab it. What I can say is better don’t convert to P1.

  11. mcb p1 really suckass . fuck off la . diu nia sing malaysia broadband useless one all suck people blood and money . FUCK p1 wimax FUCK!!!

  12. I am very disappointed with P1 Wimax..My daily avereage upload and download speeds are less than 100kbps. I live in Kota Kemuning.

  13. Sudah Potong? Jangan Potong!!!!

    Potong liao regret now…speed can go crazy up down see saw….but what I want is STABLE speed. From 10KBPS ~ 160KBPS , P1 has done it. Hold top speed for 5 minute then drop to the LOWEST possible. WTF???

    Customer service oso suks. Takes 2 days to restore full service AFTER payment. TWO friggin days! TM can do WAYYY BETTER. WTF???

    Borrow from my friend for test run…now I am certainly NOT POTONGing!

    Ingat… JANGAN POTONG!!!

  14. Hello…

    I tell you, whatever their promises….. its all the same. Our country still not advancing toward digital age. Line are still block, facilities still few, subcribers — a lot.

    Well, to tell you…. sadly, either MAXIS BROADBAND, CELCOM BROADBAND, DIGI BROADBAND, P1WIMAX BROADBAND or other LANC** BROADBAND…….. are still give bad connection and services.

    Who are the LOSER ? Who else…… the SUBCRIBER. Hahahhahahahahaaaa. Pay a lot of money for “worse”.


  15. Hi all,

    I agree with ZaIMAX. Our country is currently experiencing a shock in the digital age. New technologies are coming in rapidly however, we do not have the capacity to cope with the advancement. Thus, providers & subscribers are impacted badly in a sense that technology & services.

    It is true that some providers that u guys mentioned earlier are giving such crap services & signal etc, still we have to rely on them to do our daily things. We want things to be done fast yet if the resources are not available for it to be done, still cannot happen rite?

    So in the end… who rugi? mereka & keluarga mereka.. hehehehe


    p/s: believe in service provider that provide overall satisfaction… win win situation lorr…

  16. somehow i tend to agree that we all victims of “progress”. my place,kuala kubu bharu selangor. no 3Gs ( all cellular),no EdGe( digi), applied for Streamyx..got to wait dont know when?…ended using celcombband…still, sunday n nite, slow like snail…good only in the morning when everyone goes to work….

  17. errr. why dont you all try the TIME broadband.. it gives constant speed and used the fiber optics technology.. the fastest is 10mbps.

  18. I’m in usj and getting sick of p1 wimax SLOWNESS…when i called them up they say in the midst of upgrading process…why the hell should we suffer(still pay full price) when they r upgrading their service? benci p1 wimax…if not coz of 1 year contract would have cancelled already.

  19. My friend work as P1 tech staff, he told me that after the POTONG ads, got so many new users, base station cant cope lah. No choice but to throttle speed of old user to 1/4 capacity. You no believe? My neighbour living next door jes POTONG last week, now he is getting 1.3mbps n me 0.3mbps. We exchange modem and his modem still getting 1.3mbps at my house. but my modem getting 0.3mbps at his house lah. Need more proof? now after POTONG cannot use how? worst still, streamyx no available port in my area, wtf.

  20. @Randy, the only reason I could think of is you used up your monthly bandwidth. Therefore you’re being throttled.

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  22. I am back complaining about P1 again. This time about the Customer Dis-Service they are dishing out.

    Not to mention the perennial slowness of their “broadband”. Heck even at times HSDPA outperform it. 3 days out of 7 it would connect very very slowly. 1 day can’t connect at all despite FULL bar. How could they justify the dis-service we are getting?

    Have you ever had to deal with the call centre? They take 24 hours to reconnect you. TWENTY FOUR HOURS! TM took 1 hour. Even paying by credit card which should be instantenous took 24 hour because of their Credit Control Department “is taking care of it” and have no knowledge whatsover on how they are processing it.

    So you have redtapes where the Customer Dis-service department saying the CC department is processing the payment. Then reconnection by another department. Truth is I think they wanna wait for the money to be safely credited in their pocket by the bank before doing anything.

    Yeah right Micheal Lai, P1 sucks! I hope YTL/HSBB can beat P1 to a pulp and see you wipe that silly grin off your face.

  23. I want to say that P1 Wimax Is A Shit Who Does Not Care About It’s Customers!
    I am very pissed off with P1.

    In August I signed up for P1 Wimax. I test runned it and within the week I found that it is not suitable for my purpose. I signed the cancellation document and told them to write the cheque to my wife or company because I do not have a bank account to deposit the refund cheque.

    Despite the cancellation procedure, I still get billed. I wrote back after a few billings to tell them off them up regarding their inefficiency.

    When no refund was forthcoming after the 45days was up and long after 90 days, I called customer service. Apparently there is no record of my cancellation. They probably lost my documents. They asked that I go to their office to settle this matter! (So I am being penalized for their crappy work)

    I told them I want their phone number to talk to the accounts department. The call centre refused to give me the number! They want me to go there! Not satisfied, I called my Vendor in Subang Jaya and apparently I was right in that they misplaced the document.

    Just few days ago, I got my cheque. Even then, they did not follow instructions despite me given WRITTEN instructions to that effect. It had my name on it and I already told them to put to my company’s or wife’s name.

    Of course that got me pretty mad. I would have been neutral but because they keep fucking up and delayed my refund, I got REALLY MAD.

    To me this is one FUCKED UP COMPANY who DO NOT CARE about CUSTOMER’S RELATIONS. The blocked us from reaching administration and customer service so that the directors can sit on their cushy chairs and let the customers be. I am totally pissed off!

  24. Stick on to your streamyx for the moment. They are just implementing despite lack of stability in the technology.

    Note that by the 3rd quarter of this year. YTL group is coming out with a wireless sytem that will be 4X faster. I have seen a video of their testing in US which shown in comparison with current Wireless WiFi system in LA. While 1 shows 1B, the other shows 4MB – and with the IPod, using Google earth to locate where they are is really fast.

    So hold on to your horses, YTL will give WiMax a run for their money!

  25. GUY , I thinking to complaint to NCCC on their services . Do anyone want to join me ?

  26. Alex Leow .better u dun dream about what p1 will provide . This really sucks ..

  27. really frustrating with P1. most of the time can’t even attach a 100kb picture with my Yahoo! n Gmail. After 8pm, or during peak hours, forget about surfing net!

  28. There is nothing more to complain about P1Wimax because the letters above have said all. And the people who have raised the complaints, I am sure, have not had their complaints attended to.

    Be that as it may, Michael Lai, the CEO of Packet One Sdn Bhd in his replies to the ten questions raised by members of the public (see The Star, Saturday 20th March 2010) gave a glorious report about the greatness of P1 and how they managed to secure 8 million subscribers over a short period. Michael, you will do yourself a favour by getting real. People chose P1 because they were frustrated with the other providers in the country and they fell prey to your “potong” advertisment. They had hoped you will be a better option. But you have proved yourself to be no better than the others. The letters above speak volumes of your inefficiency and lies.

    Michael, your days are numbered with YTL coming on to the scene and the government through Telecoms spending 8 billion rgt to provide an efficient service.

    Two parties are involved in a contract and this instance P1 and the consumer whereby it is the obligation of the consumer to pay the subscription fee and P1 to provide the service. If one of the parties breaches the term of the contract the other party is entitled to rescind the contract. If you had hoped to cling on to the povision which enables you to collect your monthly subscription you are in a for a disappointment.

  29. I second to what Sivan Nair wrote above.

    Firstly, I’m an engineer by training.

    Wimax is still in its infancy in Malaysia. It is still not yet stable to be put to market in Malaysia in the first place. P1 just ruined the reputation for the Wimax technology to grow with they POTONG campaign, they totally ruined it. Wimax technology was invented to be faster and safer than fiber optics line (as what the current Malaysian Prime Minister has recently approved to replace the old copper wire telephone line).

    The reason why I mentioned it is not yet stable in Malaysia is due to the earth surface and terrain of the Malaysian soil. Telecommunication towers were built on uneven surface, on unapproved building rooftops and so on. Subscribers can’t even get a signal even though they’re in the coverage. Telcos’ engineers, doesn’t matter if its P1, or Amax, or TIME, or Celcom etc.. need to do more research and study the geographical part of Malaysian lands before digging for building towers and survey each and every locals and home owners for test of signals in their area, once reached satisfaction levels, then and only then could be put to market and make investments, step by step. That satisfaction levels need to be posted publicly for people decide whether it’d be safe to use and buy.

  30. P1 can’t get anything done. I don’t know what i am paying for every month. Now i still have to go to cyber cafe to use internet. P1 is simply ‘lebih sudu dari kuah’

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