Yesterday night, the new P1 Wimax was great. This morning, it goes downhill.

Here are screenshots of Streamyx :


And here is the super spanking new P1 Wimax which is connected to only one single PC, i.e. my laptop.


I know I can feel how slow P1 Wimax. And the numbers, though not much different, show the same thing.

P1 Wimax is connected with cable, placed near window (the signal strength turned bad if it is a bit further away) and is used by only one computer.

Streamyx is using wireless, Linksys router and TM Net modem, shared by four computers.

So, how now brown cow? Should I return the over hyped P1 Wimax modem to them and suffer with Streamyx for the rest of my life? I have a one week free trial now.