The morning I ronda-ronda cari cerita

We citizen journalists are doing a series on ‘Rate your ADun’. (I know I have mentioned this but maybe I have a new reader today so I have to repeat again mah…)

What it means is, ‘Go to to your kawasan, do a vox-pop (voice of the population I think) with the residents and see if the politician, i.e. the local assemblyman is doing his/her job and fulfilling election promises.’

So, I headed to the best location, i.e. the morning market in Air Putih. I had to put on my tag or else, people will be suspicious why the heck I want to find out if Lim Guan Eng is working, right? They may think I am MCA or Gerakan machai or Special Branch mah…Or the DAP bodek kaki.

I explained to them that it is a nationwide (wuah, makes it sound like very big deal mah) video project.

First woman I met was fantastic because she speaks English and I get to ask her about other things for other videos. One stone can kill many birds lor. Next woman was the dried foodstuffs stall owner. She didn’t pay attention to my question – ‘Are you a voter in Air Putih?’ Instead, she thought I asked her, ‘Whom did you vote in the last election?’ Niamah, I pun kena bambu lah. She bla bla bla that it is a secret lah, cannot tell lah. I cut in and said, ‘I am not asking you who you vote. I am only looking for Air Putih residents to interview.’

Aiyor…7 early 8 early, I kena marah by lau ee. So poor only. Finally, she relax a bit and started puji Lim Guan Eng comes by often lah, got longkang sumbat, he helps lah..Mother’s Day he went to give roses lah….Aiyor…I am only interested to know if the ADun is NOT working.

So, I asked her, ‘What about doing business, are the hawkers having problems with City Council over their hawking business etc? In the last 15 months, has the present State Gov. improved things for them?’

And again…Lim Guan Eng do this lah, do that lah…Ammah… this, how lah?

Then, after I had my breakfast, I went to Hye Keat Estate hoping to find some Indian or Malay voters. But Air Putih is more Chinese populated. I found one senior citizens drop-in center, like kindie but this one for 60 years and above. And I met one Datin who runs the place and she changed my mind about a lot of things. She is the wife of an ex-assemblyman from MCA. I treaded on egg shells and asked her if the DAP state government is helping them etc. And I think I am going to highlight certain things to our ADun.

So, it is a fruitful morning where the citizen journalist cum blogger 5xmom went to an MCA territory and asked about DAP. Phew…But really, she is really a nice lady and she runs an NGO, not politically motivated old folks day care and recycling centre. I will make a video of the place soon.