And my video cam battery kaput-ed just before LGE gave his speech.

And my legs are numbed from all the standing.

And my back is aching because some Bernama TV videographer stood behind me and kept asking me not to move. HOI! Pi depan lah…..No lah, he is a lengjai so I forgive him for ka ka cau cau tai kar jeh.

And I am bored to death from listening to what I have read in the online media.

And all my plans of doing a vox-pop went out of the window because the crowd so so huge, I don’t even have space to walk.

lim guan eng
(tks to Bryan for the photo. Can you see me????? 🙂 )

But when I got bored, I ask someone, take my pic, upload to Facebook!

Then, I think I got B.O. from the B.O. that hover around me because there was no place to sit, I had to cram with so many men.

After that, there was this session which I used my MP3 recorder to record CM’s Q&A. And I asked Ernest to take my picture again.

(In case you wonder why I took so many pic of faces, that’s because my video camera battery is kaput-ed and I have nothing else to do.)

Sigh…what kind of CJ lah, all I care is ‘Pssstt…take my pic, take my pic.’

(photo from Ernest, human sandwich)

My ear is almost deaf.


Yet, I am so happy. Tralalalalalala